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8750 thesun1 b38da1e6 on 2021/06/10 (Thursday) 19:04:54

There are at least two more public websites that do the same thing.


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Russ Hudson

8749 LadyX 2b866641 on 2021/06/09 (Wednesday) 01:28:03

Also claims to be a 5. Quite verbose, people-person, gourmand, etc - seems more like a 7.


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Uranio Paes

8748 LadyX 2b866641 on 2021/06/09 (Wednesday) 01:24:45

Claims to be a 5 and an ENTP. Seems more like a 7?


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Maximilien Robespierre

7265 fg 3d4044d6 on 2019/10/20 (Sunday) 16:57:04

being socialist is common for VLFE but not all V will don't imply being 3rd F. Robespierre liked the people not because of a material compassion, but because they represented his abstract ideal of virtue (4th F). he was described as the incorruptible because of his lack of care about money or women's temptation, but he never displayed the common 3rd physics disgust/attraction about their sexual desire despite being having much occasion (he had a bunch of fangirl, talanov and the syntax of love mention it) .  for this reason the official vote of VLEF is more pertinent than VLFE.

7663 Jacobus 900d2bea on 2020/01/17 (Friday) 22:40:29

"Robespierre was serious and introspective as a child, and had few friends. Recurrent ill-health and his slight build impelled him to more solitary and intellectual, less social or physical pursuits. These traits carried over into his adult life, and although some have concluded that he was by nature cold (and even inhuman), his sister Charlotte maintains that, while he seldom laughed outright, he often smiled, and was very sensitive, capable of much warmth and affection, despite his serious demeanor."

"One of Rousseau's dictims that Robespierre took to heart in particular is the following: "The spirit of the people may reside in an enlightened minority, who consequently have the right to act for the political advantage."  It is easy to see how this belief enticed Robespierre, who already knew that he was not wrong, whose care for la Patrie was his chief concern, who saw himself as the inheritor of Rousseau and, by extension, the general will. It became the basis for all his actions while in power; it is virtually the same as asserting that he did what he did "because France demanded it.""

"The duty of pleading the case of the weak against the strong is that of every heart not so poisoned by egoism and corruption. My life's task will be to aid those who suffer and to pursue with vengeful words those who, without pity for humanity, enjoy the suffering of others." (Robespierre to his sister, Charlotte)

8732 devilgirl666 ed79009a on 2021/04/22 (Thursday) 02:53:08

why is this guy used as the LII example lmao

8747 LII b8ffc513 on 2021/05/24 (Monday) 07:49:35

He is a typical LII outside the intellectual sphere. I believe that Aushra tend to use worlds and examples which are against stereotypes (for instance she use ethics instead of feelings). He doesn\'t seem to be LSI and I currently agree that he is LII, it is typical for LIIs to be idealistic.


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Carly Shay

8746 thesun1 b38da1e6 on 2021/05/21 (Friday) 20:04:48

Carly: For to make sure that they keep that crazy girl in prison! \r\n\r\nSam: Maybe they should let her go. \r\n\r\nCarly: What?! Why?! \r\n\r\nSam: Look, I\'ve been in prison. It is not fun in there. And maybe when Nora trapped us, she was, like, depressed or something.\r\n\r\nRead more at: https://transcripts.foreverdreaming.org/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=12773


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Adolf Hitler

530 fg 3d4044d6 on 2018/05/15 (Tuesday) 04:44:10

i don't see how this man could be seen as a T (Te or Ti), beyond the "ah he is a bastard he must be a T". this guy his motivated by his feeling and lacked of logic (so not a Ti dom or aux) and was a poor strategist (weakTe). ISFP is more probable for him than INFP, his focus on Nazi aesthetics and his impulsive nature is more Se than Ne.

8704 Jacobus 900d2bea on 2021/03/18 (Thursday) 13:20:55

The world is a dream, and, in a way, even the laws of thermodynamics were invented.

8706 phsc 51ce0ead on 2021/03/18 (Thursday) 14:15:58

noumenan and phenomenon my dude, just because we humans are limited by our perceptions of things it does not mean a bigger thing does not exist, i mean i do agree the law of thermodynamics is just an invented human explanation, but it does not mean it depends on your perception of reality - the dream - for it to be real or true, this is the idea of theories and laws and such, its just putting the universe in ways we can understand

8707 Tman 52a6040f on 2021/03/18 (Thursday) 17:40:38

I agree that we can\'t empirically measure the personality type of dead people, but claiming that we can\'t \"reduce human behavior to a formula?\" I mean yes and no. There are some pretty well established scientific principles in Psychology (mostly dealing with behavior), but that doesn\'t mean every part of every persons personality can be reduced to a theory, because that would be stupid and no one is even trying to do that.

8742 jungagain ae1f56bd on 2021/05/11 (Tuesday) 13:10:08

Most EIE to ever EIE

8745 12345tp12345 155af60e on 2021/05/11 (Tuesday) 14:53:02

most unhealthy you mean


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William Shakespeare

3371 switchblades abeeba2f on 2018/09/28 (Friday) 22:02:46

What IEE would feel comfortable writing ALL of his sonnets in the Iambic pentameter? :p

8744 Jacobus 900d2bea on 2021/05/11 (Tuesday) 14:47:30

Four letter votes should be done in uppercase or else it will be marked a voting 50% for all letters.


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Reko Yabusame

8365 strawberry crisis inshouha on 2020/07/16 (Thursday) 01:28:37

It\'s implied that [[she may have been more of an 8 before falling apart with Alice]] but she\'s too lowkey to be one the way she is right now -- she doesn\'t naturally emerge as a leader... she\'s shown to be pretty openly soft and empathetic despite being rough... and she tends to be independent through detachment rather than engagement. If she were an 8, she probably wouldn\'t have a 7 wing, either.

8709 strawberry crisis inshouha on 2021/03/23 (Tuesday) 18:18:21

Why 5? She\'s clearly a 9

8711 Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Scottys cc04e958 on 2021/03/25 (Thursday) 01:36:10

Why 9? She's clearly a 5

8723 yourmom69 1523bee9 on 2021/04/04 (Sunday) 18:17:12

No I’m not saying she IS a 5 I’m saying that she’s an 8 who’s in an unhealthy state (and 8’s in their unhealthy state disintegrate to 5 by becoming detached from their environment, which we see in Reko). But at her healthiest, Reko integrates to 2 by becoming more open hearted and caring towards those around her. So if you look at her integration and disintegration lines, she is an 8w9.

8724 strawberry crisis inshouha on 2021/04/07 (Wednesday) 13:02:40

Sorry, I don\'t see anything like that at all. She\'s just passive, detached, secretive, and shows occasional aggression. 8 at 2 would look a lot \"louder\" and Reko isn\'t that. 9 explains her general passivity and a lot of what you\'re describing as her integrating to 2.

8743 12345tp12345 155af60e on 2021/05/11 (Tuesday) 13:48:18

hey. do you still reply to emails? I sent something to you


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Andrew Jackson

4080 edza 88aaabaf on 2018/11/14 (Wednesday) 14:07:56

Do crazy 8 J's always get typed as ESTP?

8741 snowcones7867 9470b65e on 2021/05/09 (Sunday) 01:17:54

No...? In Jackson\'s case, there is clearly Se > Si so ESTJ is not an option.


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8740 EverybodyLovesNi d6679fb7 on 2021/05/05 (Wednesday) 04:58:36

Isnt the fascinator about spontaneously, but continuously building an emotional impression of events through a fantastical lense? That is super EIE


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Piers Morgan

8739 devilgirl666 ed79009a on 2021/04/27 (Tuesday) 04:36:09

smh typical gammon


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Rainbow Dash

8738 devilgirl666 ed79009a on 2021/04/27 (Tuesday) 04:28:06

rainbow crash


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Eric Strauss/Host Eric (Talking With Famous People)

8737 devilgirl666 ed79009a on 2021/04/27 (Tuesday) 04:14:02

lol wtf is the pic


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Demi Lovato

8344 spaceynyc 7f321b52 on 2020/07/05 (Sunday) 14:36:25

either SEE or EIE, again I have trouble telling the two apart. Definitely 4D Fe with valued Se though.

8736 devilgirl666 ed79009a on 2021/04/22 (Thursday) 04:10:01

delete it fat


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8485 Elfae 59ac6dcf on 2020/09/29 (Tuesday) 14:09:29

She's EII, not IEI ! Of course she's a romantic and a dreamer, but she lives according her moral values. She is EII-Ne (which makes her look like more dreamie and IEI-look-like.) She doesn't want to marry Gaston (SLE)because he is "boorish", she can't stand his behaivour, he isn't a good man according to her values, she has judged him with her Fi. And she has Se PoLR: she doesn't like Gaston because he is kind of a negative, unhealthy Se-dom stereotype: too sure of himself, too prone to anger and violence (mostly when he wants to kill the Beast.), and so on. And we can see her Se PoLR when the beast yell at her after she touches the rose, she simply can't stand that and runs away. I'm EII myself and Belle is the Disney princess I relate to the most (;

8735 devilgirl666 ed79009a on 2021/04/22 (Thursday) 03:47:13

I think the issue with this argument is that Gaston is an unhealthy Se lead, a healthy IEI isn't going to like that. Duality only really "works" when both parties are healthy


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8734 devilgirl666 ed79009a on 2021/04/22 (Thursday) 03:37:38

lmao clapped ideology


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8733 Puttingitalloutthere c34b9509 on 2021/04/22 (Thursday) 03:26:48

I’ve talked with her on discord & she’s a clear Ne dom


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8w4 "The Edgelord"

4484 switchblades abeeba2f on 2019/01/02 (Wednesday) 13:12:30

guy really ruined the fit with the pedo asics

6919 fg 3d4044d6 on 2019/08/08 (Thursday) 05:24:15

SEE are very unlikely to be 4 , even at heart type. IEE are very unlikely to be 8. even at guts type.

8730 Tman 52a6040f on 2021/04/14 (Wednesday) 18:20:53

Are ILE's likely to be an Ennegarm 4?

8731 EverybodyLovesNi d6679fb7 on 2021/04/15 (Thursday) 09:30:01



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Eren Yeager

1536 edza 88aaabaf on 2018/06/29 (Friday) 01:18:55

In letter MBTI, a weird (but not uncommon in anime) combination of very T things and very F things, although the T outweighs the F by a bit. He's also got some very J things like his determination to one goal, even if he is mostly P.

8725 tch 51611d2b on 2021/04/07 (Wednesday) 17:39:33

Reading the final chapter, 468 or 648.

8726 Jacobus 900d2bea on 2021/04/07 (Wednesday) 19:12:35

Last chapter isn\'t canon. Isayama died after 138 and the manga was never finished.

8727 tch 51611d2b on 2021/04/07 (Wednesday) 19:20:57

The manga was never good, btw.

8729 TheMemphis e6e89967 on 2021/04/08 (Thursday) 17:23:40

RIP the boy who sought freedom 1-138.


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Bipolar Disorder

4679 LVNA ae693749 on 2019/01/18 (Friday) 02:07:58

More than one type of bipolar disorder and it's not a personality disorder either so specification would be helpful

8728 tch 51611d2b on 2021/04/07 (Wednesday) 19:25:05

Type 1: ENFP \r\nType 2: INFP


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C.S. Joseph

7724 Thyssen ee866b5b on 2020/02/22 (Saturday) 15:26:08

Legendary Typings:
Justin Trudeau: ESTJ
Amy Lee: ESTP
Ethan Kleine(H3H3): ENTJ
Simon Cowell: ESFP
Kendrick Lamar: ENTP
Edward Snowden: ISTJ
Billie Eilish: ISTP
Richard Feynman: INTJ(Bill Nye is an INTJ as well! Oh wait, did I forget about Idubbbz as well?)
Pewdiepie: INFJ
Julian Assange: ISFJ
Ariana Grande: ISFP(Yes... very introverted)
And last but not least...:

Bill Gates: INTP(A classic!)

7797 phsc 51ce0ead on 2020/03/18 (Wednesday) 16:08:17

So here is the thing, C.S. Joseph does not actually believe what he says, maybe he does but even then the way he treats typology as a whole, as a "science" and like some big truth and that society needs to understand some people, it is all false, he could not care less, the real reason he is doing all of his typology stuff is to make so people pay for his services and his coaching, which is very expensive considering similar services, and it seems to be working out for him, but this does not mean he is an 8, yet that he is not an 1 but what could make sense is 3 right? but here is the thing, not only he has a very terrible image after all (does not exclude 3, makes it weird because why fuck your image over pure financial gain?), he has a big deal with control, how he does everything, how he runs his server (very authoritarian, centralized, and with a bunch of useless stuff and rules, mostly so people who disagree cannot stay and people cannot give reason to others so he keeps making money), it seems that he really values that to his core, the real core fear, his anger is mostly fake in his videos, but he is not really angry most of the time, he is just being fake, I think it is easy to see how it is kind of fake in how he acts.

8009 BlankSoul 58dcaf9b on 2020/04/15 (Wednesday) 20:52:19

Imagine giving him 200 dollars for a typing session that will most likely lead to an absurd result.

8012 Shinkim717 79cc73ff on 2020/04/15 (Wednesday) 21:43:45

I do wonder what is going on in those sessions, the least he could do was be honest but it just seems like a scam

8721 phsc 51ce0ead on 2021/03/31 (Wednesday) 18:07:43

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9RqXGj-gdH9hkyEIbNEUqwlJLe9pcyuQ\r\n\r\nwow turns out hes an asshole! who couldve imagined???!!!

8722 phsc 51ce0ead on 2021/03/31 (Wednesday) 18:10:28

fun fact, he typed his 6 days old kid as INTJ, peak typology


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Folk Pund

8718 Tman 52a6040f on 2021/03/28 (Sunday) 10:48:17

that D was supposed to be a k...oof.

8719 Tman 52a6040f on 2021/03/28 (Sunday) 10:49:41

Screw it, remaking this

8720 Jacobus 900d2bea on 2021/03/28 (Sunday) 13:37:50

No, this one was first so we have to keep this one.


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5288 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/02/17 (Sunday) 18:33:02

So I am curious about what type random people who don't know me at all think I am based on my 22 comments on this lovely website.

I made most of my comments in the following character's pages: Asuka Langley Sohryu, Socrates, 9w1, Libertarianism and INFP.

And no, this does not say I have Si and remember things, I unironically wrote it out because I planned on making this post a while ago but I was thought I did not have enought comments for anything to be possible to be deduced from it.

Now, since I have a reason to make a post, I will use the rest of it to try to make a few tests using this text editor and the website in a general way, and also the edit feature if I got right what it does.

I think testing the features giving test results is a great idea.

8574 phsc 51ce0ead on 2020/11/26 (Thursday) 06:07:11

Actually, not Te over Ti, both extremely high, in this website I come off as more Te because that is the only real social interaction I have, but those who have had closer interactions with me often think Ti is a better fit, the thing is, the thinking of those people I apply has to go by some framework as well, but at the end of the day that framework really depends on the topic and what I am doing or want to do, and tests also show that, Te and Ti often extremely similar, but I do think Te > Ti at the end of the day, mostly if you know me in real life, also Ni over Ne even tho in closer social interactions Ne can be very seen, but I think that when putting me near someone who fits Ne pretty well it is easy to see it is not really a big trait of mine, also \"religious\" is a very bad word to use in this case, but you often use some terrible words to describe what you are thinking and I\'m already quite used to it.\r\nThe thing is, if Te > Ti and such, why INTJ and not ENTJ? even I have been unsure since lately I\'ve kind of changed my mind on some Se aspects of my life. \r\nAnyway, the functions are crap just like the rest of typology so I sort of don\'t care anymore, may I ask, what function system are you applying? what source/how did you learn about them and such, and if it is just like a weird mix, how did you get into such definitions and maybe... write them out?

8714 ally 2ad733df on 2021/03/26 (Friday) 02:38:41

phsc do you still have the website on the typology theory that revolved around thinking styles (lateral vs linear was one of the two dichotomies)? had anime chars arranged on the chart for it and random iqs assigned to everyone that sometimes were questionable. I think it was you that posted it in the discord anyway like a year ago, sorry for o/t comment on your page if not

8715 phsc 51ce0ead on 2021/03/26 (Friday) 04:03:02

ok so that website went down, but the source of that website is the creator of the system, the anime youtuber digibro, anyway, i was looking for the original video and i do have it saved (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1ndTCR4aKg) but it has been made private and i cannot find the dude\'s youtube channel, but i did manage to find this\r\nhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyTlzvnNCQ8\r\nthis is the original video that linked to the website that had that test and such, this was another video uploaded by the dude https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AMMasDaHyg\r\nthere is an actual youtube channel dedicated to this or whatever? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCowbLDoJ2iydiY6zov2w7yw/videos\r\n\r\nanyway, the original website, http://neurotypology.gq/16types/?i=1, it has been taken down, but it has been archived in waybackmachine, so here is it https://web.archive.org/web/20200629094959/http://neurotypology.gq/16types/?i=1\r\n\r\nanyway just a quick mention, its a very crappy system, the idea of lexicality-impressionism is pretty cool but the issue is laterality-linearity, it is basically a \"smart people think about many possibilities so they go high up\" but the issue is that measuring that is extremely retarded and nobody wants to be linear so it\'s a kinda really retarded system cuz of that and this is extended like you think some ideology is dumb n limited, someone whose personality isnt directly correlated to that believes in that ideology (maybe not for the same reason you think its dumb etc) but who cares hes low on laterality!\r\n\r\nanyway, there is kind of a community around it but as one would expect from a typology community, no, a REDDIT typology community, well, https://www.reddit.com/r/Neurotyping/

8716 Ally 0dd87782 on 2021/03/26 (Friday) 17:49:25

definitely agree that few people would want to self-id as linear. I always really like the IDEA of type theories of cognition styles (like this and the cognitive functions) as opposed to trait inventories, but i feel like they will always end up failing just by virtue of being what they are, at least until we understand the brain far better or can read people's minds... some of the characters the creator used to illustrate each type had me wondering if we even had enough information about them to place them on one or both axes confidently.

Anyway thank you for the wayback machine+video links... if the original upload of the video went private that would explain it, i was going through my google myactivity desperately trying to find it like I KNOW IT'S SOMEWHERE WHY ISNT IT SHOWING UP. The reddit is awesome though for all the nonsensical charts like this https://i.redd.it/qzgmw845jwb61.jpg

8717 phsc 51ce0ead on 2021/03/26 (Friday) 23:43:39

a few things i think could be relevant, first, the cognitive functions arent rly cognitive when you think about it, they arent about how one truly is cognitive because it actaully is just behvaviour and traits convoluted into a few weird categorized structures while it explains nothing n actually most traits present in a function at times might not even be directly correlated when talking about some authors, its rly interesting, but the IDEA is great, i agree\r\n\r\nso here is the big poggers thing, turns out the real scientists actually like, are interest in this and theres this very poggers field called neuroscience! that focuses on this! theres also behavioral biology, idk start w small stuff, thinking fast and slow by daniel kahneman and then maybe read some actual specific stuff, also theres a series of lectures by stanford on behavioral biology by robert sapolsky https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNnIGh9g6fA and it is very interesting and it generally explains in a more technical, scientifical and very interesting and fascinating way WHY things happen, and not why they happen, of course its not as like clear results n practical to apply at first as typology is, but it is very interesting, you start to understand that its not rly about peoples minds, its about the mind itself and how people adapt to different situations and such, accordingly\r\nneuroscience is a bit more complicated, id just go w using wikipedia for it since its very complicated\r\nanother very interesting topic that could even be correlated to typology is body language, it actually tells much more about what a person is like and really fast than one prob would think, id recommend paul ekman, joe navarro, it links directly to the other two fields i mentioned, once you get that you will actually start to understand people in a very objective n scientifical way which is super interesting, which imo is better than say \"youre INTJ so youre an evil mastermind\" yno


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Natsuki Subaru

4143 fg 3d4044d6 on 2018/11/23 (Friday) 02:12:53

i can agree for your argument for subaru. but even if you can be right about emilia's enneagramm your argument does not work. the desire of protecting other is not specific to 2 in any way (it's more a 8 or 6 thing), equal right is also obviously a juridic form of justice (far more 1-ish than 2-ish, 2 have a compassionate/unformal view of justice while 1 have a formal/principled view of justice).

8713 YouAre(Not)INXJ 6730c3c5 on 2021/03/25 (Thursday) 09:13:19

he isn't a Ne Dom.

-Slow to act (By himself he always delays decissions and is a procrastinator)
-Bad on hands on actions (Watch the episode where he accepted doing the chores in the mansion, He sucked at everything)
-Isn't extremelly Self confident (Se dominant Types are really Confidents) And his Confident persona is just that, a Facade because he wants to appear like a super hero for the girls
-Melodramatism all over the place and THIS is the most prominent trait on subaru, he is MR Drama and easily can convince or make other people fight for him, get help from others, persuade with his charisma and Diplomatic Skills, he is Fe Dom and he is ENFJ. Example of this is the whole show itself, he does whatever it's takes to gain other people confidence and help, also he is very skilled with words and makes every girl feel like the most beautiful girl in the world (Emilia, Echidna, Rem), oftenly is crying and is very empathetic.


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Lelouch Lamperouge

597 strawberry crisis inshouha on 2018/05/17 (Thursday) 14:10:29

Possibly LIE? I'll vote for it in the meantime

4145 Resonare afe91dad on 2018/11/23 (Friday) 18:39:16

(16:48) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fr8tZEsE_Cg


Fi-suggestive. I've re-watched up until half of R2 and I've already seen a few instances of this from what is certainly his dual as Shirley is ESI (identical to Asuna from SAO for anyone interested).

4209 CatttyKittty 466097ea on 2018/12/12 (Wednesday) 15:10:38

Wtf Lelouch INTP 7w8? LOL he is the most INTJ 8w7 i've ever seen in TV

4210 strawberry crisis inshouha on 2018/12/12 (Wednesday) 17:28:38

I’m very open to 8w7 but I’d really love to see how you’d justify J for Lelouch

8351 Jacobus 900d2bea on 2020/07/09 (Thursday) 20:44:26

more like Ledouche Lampsplooge

8712 YouAre(Not)INXJ 6730c3c5 on 2021/03/25 (Thursday) 08:44:43

look at so many INTJ votes lol, Lelouch clearly ENFJ EIE and also socionics is same as mbti. this site same tier as pdb. i have to clear all fake inxj in this site. ENFJ Character is Defined by some Kind of "Royalty" associated with papparazzi Behaviour with charismatic gestures and a "Edgy" Vibe about them, even more so the ENFJ Ni Subtype. this is so Lelouch


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test entry

262 strawberry crisis inshouha on 2018/05/08 (Tuesday) 22:41:30


8091 regalopal a7d5cabf on 2020/04/21 (Tuesday) 11:33:15

8092 regalopal a7d5cabf on 2020/04/21 (Tuesday) 11:37:52

8093 strawberry crisis inshouha on 2020/04/21 (Tuesday) 11:40:08

but if i do it

8094 regalopal a7d5cabf on 2020/04/21 (Tuesday) 12:04:03

If you are reading this, I fixed that pesky reply bug.

8710 strawberry crisis inshouha on 2021/03/23 (Tuesday) 18:20:25

comment delete test


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Makoto Niijima / Queen

5522 Suzeeda bfc536b6 on 2019/03/05 (Tuesday) 16:40:30

Hate to break it to y’all, but perfectionist Makoto is a TWO. Not a ONE.

What we often forget is that the Enneagram is based on a person’s CORE FEARS, not their reactions to these fears or their personality per se.

See, Makoto even says in the game verbatim that she has a fear of worthlessness and her lowest point was when she was caught up on being useless. That screams 2, not 1’s fear of being incorrect

5710 Prophet 3efcc0e6 on 2019/03/26 (Tuesday) 05:18:37



She isn’t necessarily 2 just because she says she fears worthlessness, and 1s fear isn’t being incorrect (just wtf are you smoking?) While self worth is an image triad issue, the basic fear for twos is being unwanted. The two influence is coming from the wing, hence 1w2. Her overall pattern  reveals a strong degree of influence from the superego (guilt, responsibilities, “shoulds”), which points to types 1-2-6, but she is not an image type. There’s no entitlement, self importance, giving to get feistiness evident in low to average health 2s. She is largely compliant to an ideal (inner critic), and criticism directed towards her is typical of 1s (too prim and proper, too goody goody, too by the books).


Compare and contrast the two character styles:

>Both types are serious, and conscience-driven, both like to feel that they are of service, and both can be very altruistic; however, their styles and motivations differ significantly. Ones try to transcend the personal in their dealings, appealing to principles and the evident "rightness" of their positions or suggestions. Twos are highly personal and see their service in personal terms. Ones defend their autonomy–they do not want people to interfere with them. Twos seek close connection and even merging. Ones are restrained in the expression of their positive feelings although they let people know when they are dissatisfied or irritated. Twos may have difficulty with hostile or angry feelings, but they are fairly unrestrained in expressing their positive feelings. In lower average, to average health, there is an ego behind 2s, a self importance, giving to get, feisty, entitled personality. It’s an image type after all. Criticism of Makoto has nothing or little to do with any of this. She is accused of being a goody goody prim and proper girl who plays too much by the rules and procedures (compliance to an ideal).


8705 Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Scottys cc04e958 on 2021/03/18 (Thursday) 14:03:33

Strawberry Crisis lol


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8322 fleetingpetals1 9d5cbb48 on 2020/06/25 (Thursday) 04:06:03

It put much of the world on pause. Changing the tempo. Many fear it. It might not even be real...

8620 Tman 52a6040f on 2020/12/14 (Monday) 14:25:45

First off, Masks are not a general sign of Tyranny. It is much easier to oppress a people when you can easily identify them, and one of the main methods of identification is facial futures. As such, far from being a tool of an oppressor, the mask is more often a tool of those who wish to defy those in power. If not, then why the Anarchist with his bandana, or the bank robber with his ski mask? We both live in 1st world countries, that have the racecourse to both care for this effected by the economic shortages caused by COVID, and stop the spread. What those who advocate for "restarting the economy" are actually suggesting is that we throw human beings to the fires of Ginsburg's Moloch for the sake of the most wealthy. Finlay, the "children who are forced to see people wear masks" are going to be fine. I mean, Jesus Christ, it's a minor inconvenience, get over your self already.

8621 fg 3d4044d6 on 2020/12/15 (Tuesday) 05:27:36

I was sure that you will be the first to come out with the stupid moralistic propaganda . you answered to the mask question with a theoritical supposition about how controlling population . But in fact there is a correlation between mask and autoritharian value (japan, Islamic countries and today occidental world) . your argument about ski mask and bandana does not have nothing to do with the conversation. i talk about general society of mask wearing not exceptions. child would be traumatized because of a privation of a whole pack of emotion understanding due to the mask. the confinement already make children far more afraid by streanger because they did not even seen other people than their family for month. it is catastrophic https://www.analesdepediatria.org/en-psychological-impact-lockdown-confinement-on-articulo-S2341287920300892 the psychological consequences of confinement are already catatstrophic . there is a dangerous augmentation of depression because of the confinment https://www.lefigaro.fr/vox/societe/confinement-la-vague-de-depression-qui-arrive-est-inedite-par-son-ampleur-20201123 . and a dangerous rise of conjugal violence . https://www.lefigaro.fr/flash-actu/violences-conjugales-hausse-de-15-des-signalements-en-ligne-depuis-le-confinement-20201117 Any philosopher (like me , i have been gradued last year) know that the real deal is not death but suffering . Epicure told us that. André Compte Sponville (french philosopher) denounced the medical dictatorship because he know that . We are creating a global suffering for the majority of the population (fear created by the media, destruction of the social interraction all for fighting a disease that i remind you don\'t kill more than 1%. . does not mention the christ i don\'t care about religion . the most wealthy are the one who decided this confinement because it\'s far more easy to be confined in a big bourgeoise house rather than being in a building with five kids. most wealthy (often the oldest like in france btw) are the one who want this confinement

8622 Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Scottys cc04e958 on 2020/12/20 (Sunday) 13:20:31

Lol imagine getting owned by fg

8623 Tman 52a6040f on 2020/12/21 (Monday) 14:47:52

I suppose I have been owned by default, by not responding. I will say this in favor of FG's point; I know first hand the kind of toll COVID can have on peoples mental health. Normally, I would jump headfirst into a debate like this, and would probably enjoy it. But now a days, it's hard to get up the energy to do much of anything, even things that I used to enjoy, like arguing on the internet.

8700 Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Scottys cc04e958 on 2021/03/18 (Thursday) 00:12:32

Nobody cared who I was until I took off the mask


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Type Seven

8681 Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Scottys cc04e958 on 2021/03/17 (Wednesday) 02:53:23

ESFP>ESTP>ENFP>ENTP. Ne doms are supposed to be the highest in openness to experience on average. Enneagram 7 is high in openness to experience but they fear pain and strong negative emotions. They avoid these things and enneagram 7 isn't the type to be actively seeking out knowledge. More so experience, knowledge accompanies it but not in the same way. They're not knowledge-seekers. In reality high openness is a mixture of e7 and e5 traits and e4 traits. With some aspects removed from the equation like what I already mentioned and in the case of e4 and e5 being very isolated. ESxP types want to avoid pain and have novel experiences and they aren't very interested in the pursuit of knowledge, they're the most in-line with enneagram 7. It's more F because they're more people-oriented.


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Isaac Newton

6183 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/05/29 (Wednesday) 16:45:28

Before anyone questions my vote, a few things that make me vote 513 and sp/so instead of how he currently is, that being 548 or 584 sp/sx=sx/sp, and this specific poll might bring up a problem which is; time, the fact that one's behaviour might be different during periods of said person's life, early on Newton might've been considered having a 4 and a sp/sx, I am quite open to sp/sx but I will explain why I vote sp/so later and if someone shows me a better argument I am glad, first of all, I will come out of the assumption that he is a 5w6 which is extremely obvious though some of the stuff I might mention here can indicate 6w5, I think 5 is still over 6, and I will also come out of the assumption of LII-Ti as his type which is quite obvious with the information I will provide for the tritype and the variant votes (plot twist I actually made arguments for both during this but ok).

First, 1, Newton was really a perfectionist, a general 513 (the competence triad one could say) feature is not dealing well with failure or criticism, Newton didn't deal well with criticism or failure! he was obsessed with details and took a long time to finish his theories, wanting them to be really perfect, turns out that when he and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz were creating calculus, a few things happened, first Newton sent letters about said topic to Leibniz who was also developing calculus, both achieved results that were different, but Leibniz published it first, both were not perfect and criticism was made to both by both, Newton quickly published his version of it after, it is quite easy to imagine that Newton wasn't completely done with his version but considering that Leibniz would take the credit he published so Newton himself would get the credit, and that generate a quite long dispute - Newton did indeed find out about it earlier by the way - and what did he do? he tried to fuck Leibniz up, Newton had contacts and knew people, Leibniz did not, what happened is that england kept using Newton's method while the rest of europe were using Leibniz's? iz'? method, also may I mention that Newton wasn't only angry at Leibniz but also at Robert Hooke over the idea of gravity, who he also tried to discredit and also in both cases, even after their deaths.

But then we get to what one could say makes him a tritype 4 and a sp/sx, his occult studies over alchemy and theology, may I mention Newton was a extremely unhealthy individual, you can see he was counterphobic and probably anxious as fuck but decided to fight it, that is why I vote cp5w6, and this part is algo great to show more of his 1ness, so may I start with the cliche phrase by the dude who bought and understood this stuff that being John Maynard Keynes, and he said "Newton was not the first of the age of reason, he was the last of the magicians." and now we get into the stuff, Newton was biased as fuck over religion though he changed his mind quite often during his life, at first he liked Descartes then later thought he was a idiot, that many times for many people, he believed that most of what he and other geniuses of his time knew was already known for people of the past, such as those of Ancient Greece, and that is was all lost, he also did some quite deep theological research, owned many bibles, he found out that the Holy Trinity was made like in 4th or 5th century - my memory fails me - and other things such as studies over the Temple of Solomon and some other apocalypse related things such as that the world would end in 2060, but in my opinion this was just a 5 thing, it looks very natural for him to want to know the origins of the universe and other things, he was really meticulous with his research and all of it was encoded and a secret too, he did not do it for 4 reasons and we saw that he had many 3 characteristics, over sx on this, it seems like he had religious reasons to research this or something, also he probably thought of this as more important than his actual scientific (in our modern eyes) works, also he many times mixed all of it together too, but nothing of it seems to indicate 4 to me, he might have done all of that to be unique or different but it looks like he just wanted to know and understand things, not for the intensity, also many imagine that Newton was part of secret societies and other similar things but little is known, but it was a common thing at the time and for such a isolated man a good way for him to socialize and probably with people he would enjoy doing so, there is this description of 5 sp/so which is quite similar, I don't remember where I found out about that website or it's discord, a factor of sx is being close to people and wanting to be intense, Newton died like a lone virgin, he had very few friends and quickly broke friendships with those he did not like, like John Locke, considering that some of the stuff I mentioned for 3 also affect so, I think sp/so is what makes the most sense, the fact he did not keep long contacts could be a thing agains't so but he did keep long contacts before breaking up, he just broke up easily, also some say that he might have been gay but I am unsure, but then this description of so in unhealthy people is extremely accurate, over his alchemy stuff, it is pretty obvious that before chemistry was set it was pretty hard to make sense of it, he did try to but with his religious thinking mixed in which did not help much.

And I guess that is it, it fits LII very well, maybe not Se POLR that much but competition is a Se thing and he did not like it as he clearly had superiority over Leibniz and Hooke, with Ti being clearly the leading function and things that I've seen people say make him ILI such as Ni being demonstrative is interesting, as this says, it is often used in private (literally what Newton did) and important to one's world view, and I guess that's it.

7184 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/09/30 (Monday) 21:16:07

Young Newton: INTj INTJ 5w6 514 sp/sx LII/ILI

Newton for most of his life: INTJ INTJ 5w6 513 sp/so LII

Late Newton: -INTJ INTJ 5w6 531 so/sp LII

8215 Creative Mind cc805b53 on 2020/05/17 (Sunday) 20:50:20

Clearly INTJ 5w6 and socio LII-Ti.

8677 phsc 51ce0ead on 2021/03/13 (Saturday) 13:31:25

Late Newton was actually 538 maybe even 583 or even 5>8 integration but not 1 at all, the entire Leibniz deal is very not 1 and I\'m retarded with thinking 1 was a decent fit for that, however during his middle years 513 does make sense, BUT there is a big issue, there is no real evidence for 1 over 8 in that period of time because there was nothing directly related to it, at most Newton\'s approach to religion but that is just 5, also young Newton could have been 541, maybe even 549, it is hard to know, but the mental image people have when they think of Newton and his personality is mostly his later years, which has more content to work with, so I am changing my vote to that.

8678 Jacobus 900d2bea on 2021/03/13 (Saturday) 14:52:54

why type him as 2V when all of Newton\'s feuding was basically due to him being petty and not wanting to share the spotlight? there\'s even an anecdote in which a scientist (I forgot which one) refused to publish a refutation of one of Newton\'s works because he felt that Newton might murder him if he did.

8679 phsc 51ce0ead on 2021/03/13 (Saturday) 15:29:18

It was not always like that! he became like that as time passed, I actually think LFVE is a better fit than VLFE for late Newton, because he actually believed the way he did things was logical, mostly considering what being logical in his time was considered, like a lot of Thomas Aquinas makes no sense but if you interpret it not considering modern knowledge it does make... sense, well, a few things to this, young Newton is very hard to type, he was probably like Lxxx, then he went to do amazing things, he was a very hardworking guy who had a very clear idea earlier on - I want to learn all there is to mathematics - and he did, pretty V and in generla L to me, because the L aspect of things is WHY he wanted to do this, so he did a V thing for L reasons, LV, I actually just realized 3F is a pretty terrible vote, he was not F at all during most of his life, he actually was agaisn\'t it, look at him doing the weird as fuck eye experiments when he was working with light and prisms, 3E I cannot truly justify but I think 4F 2V and 1L are justified for him before he became an asshole. \r\nOk so, during most of his life he was that so that is why I vote LVEF now, I don\'t know why I was thinking 3F, later on Newton changed quite a lot, I think 3V is a better fit than 1V, while still being 1L, he had a big framework and it is very frustrating to have parts of your framework get fucked, and this is where F comes in, he actually started doing more F related things, living a more high class style, but he was very insecure about his framework, and the general idea of killing someone because that person is showing me I\'m wrong is more 3V than 1V I think, someone 1V probably would not care as much because it is not really related to their insecurities, instead, their securities, anyway, not everybody who is 1L is going to have the balls to admit they are wrong, Newton was very pathetic in how he did things, instead of admiting his ideas was not perfect someone might think that the whole is better than a detail and not want a detail to affect the entire framework, this in general can make sense to a lot of people, and it seems to be his case, I don\'t know about any actual refutations which were not published because of this, but he was a dick and extremely insecure about being shown wrong, but I think the reason is actually 1L 3V, it\'s his 3V insecurities with his 1L mentality, I also think his religious views were more 3V with the one god that sets things up and not so much emphasis on men and literally their will, I think the general idea of having bigger things that are not directly correlated to you is pretty not 1V, the occult and alchemy stuff appear here, it\'s a 1L way of explaining that, but originally he was simply more curious about making sense of christianity which is pretty 1L, another reason for all of his pathetic behaviour is so he could keep the high class lifestyle, if Leibniz was considered better than him he\'d get fucked with that, anyway, Newton probably had asperger\'s and I think the general logic I explained affects Asperger\'s people pretty well, unsure if you have ever met someone like that but I have and multiple, in general the mix of 1L and 3V explains it very well. \r\nSo young Newton is very very hard to type, during most of his life I think LVEF makes most sense, later on he started liking more F so LFVE makes sense since 3V can fit the other traits, but the view most people have of Newton was during his middle years, and I think 1L and 4F are the keys to his typing, 2E is kind of a joke for him so LVEF.


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Nicki Minaj

2827 Teru Mikami 70588bc3 on 2018/08/14 (Tuesday) 15:19:18

She's actally Ni-Te. You know why? She seems Ni-Te. She also has 1 as her gut type. Why? Because she seems like she has 1 as her gut type. You know how she's famous solely for her promiscuity? That's definitely Ni-Te 1 at maximum. She's not Ne-Si because she doesn't seem like it. It's just so obvious dude, definitely, surely, 100% maximum INTJ 1. For sure.

2830 switchblades abeeba2f on 2018/08/14 (Tuesday) 15:32:57

nicki is intuitive tbh

2832 Teru Mikami 70588bc3 on 2018/08/14 (Tuesday) 15:41:16

why don't you explain yourself using criteria and arguments instead of acting like anyone's supposed to have a clue what you're talking about

2838 Teru Mikami 70588bc3 on 2018/08/14 (Tuesday) 16:03:07

no one would ever be stressed out or afraid of making mistakes when they're going to an award show that's only something disintegrating 7s do (but 1s wouldnt do that they would cry and write a poem) with 7 being the type that tries to keep everything upbeat and all

8220 Task eaeb30f9 on 2020/05/20 (Wednesday) 19:13:57

Most SEE I've ever seen.

8676 EverybodyLovesNi d6679fb7 on 2021/03/10 (Wednesday) 17:15:51

9 fix gotta be joking.


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8654 Taco110 b518cb1a on 2021/02/25 (Thursday) 22:14:37

@LadyX vote is old AF but who cares... how in the fuck is a sp-first type self-destructive? Self-preservation is all about safety and the well-being of the individual.

8671 phsc 51ce0ead on 2021/03/05 (Friday) 05:19:57

i dont think impulsivity per se correlates with S by MBTI, but that people who are S correlate with S in MBTI, and this is very important, if you are saying that X correlates to Y, it does not mean Y correlates to X, and this is the second case, just because people who generally are impulsive are S it does not mean S has any trait that directly correlates with impulsivity, if you look up definitions its not really there, E does fit i think, i actually think T is a very good fit, think about it, if social harmony and feelings and literally the F definitions of MBTI (dont think of it as OWO FEELING think of it as something a bit more objective! this is a thing i see happening a lot and people are just interpreting it literally instead of actually reading how the system works, which makes it even worse than it naturally is) someone whos kind of an asshole and will probably get into a lot of trouble in life (generally theres even people that like this, who like to get into fights and/or violent activites which can easily lead to self-destruction) end up being T, and this is a correlation that goes both ways, just like E, which makes sense, betwen P and J id say P but trying to justify it is kind of strange really, not having things well set probably adds a bit to it but is it really relevant? but if i had to bet id go with it

8672 phsc 51ce0ead on 2021/03/05 (Friday) 10:53:41

actually since N is less common than S statistically it probably would be S but it still falls by that, also since its most likelies its probably S but not because of S itself instead because of statistics

8673 Jacobus 900d2bea on 2021/03/05 (Friday) 14:01:34

My reasoning behind claiming that impulsivity correlates with impulsivity is that highly S individuals are more likely to \"live in the moment\" and not give serious consideration towards potential consequences. That this focus on the present is not part of the strictest definitions of sensation doesn\'t mean it\'s not a common result.

8674 phsc 51ce0ead on 2021/03/05 (Friday) 20:10:58

i mean statistically they are because S is more common than N, but if you take and actually type the very in the moment people, they actually can be all around the N-S spectrum, just like other people, the issue is that since S is more common than N, more S people end up existing\r\nbut you literally did not understand what i said, its not a result out of being S, there is no correlation betwen definitions (people just add that because of Se and Si definitions in a bunch of systems), being in the moment is just a choice of what you want to do out of life, you can be like a mathematician who enjoys some super dangerous activities, also N people are generally more open to things and such which makes fucking things up way more common, so if there were to be a super in the moment person i think N would be a better fit, but this is most likelies (the issue is, MOST LIKELY TYPE OUT OF ALL, or MOST LIKELY VALUE STATISTICALLY, etc, most likelies suck)\r\nso i made a program in like 5 minutes that checks everything ive voted that is under ESTP in func which i consider valid (no most likelies, no weird archetypes, no conceptS), counts what i voted the MBTI as (i added a few specific individuals i\'ve not voted in letters because i don\'t know them but i know their S/N value, i just dont know the rest\r\n23 end up being N, 68 end up being S, 2 were x, with a total of 93\r\n23 is 24.73% of 93, 68 is 73.1% of 93, a \"s\" vote is kind just correct in this, i imagined this was the value and in practice it ended up being, there are very self destructive N individuals like Tylen Durden from Fight Club, and well, statistics for how common N and S are really depends, id go with a simple 25-75 in general, statistics from websites like 16p go as high as 21% and super low in other countries, meanwhile other places go as up as 26.5, \r\ni think the MBTI manual has it has 28.1 for N males and 25.1 for N females, 26.6 being the average, it is all around that, in general a 1/4, id say it probably differs a bit because id say the average super poor african/indian and the average chinese person is not very N and id imagine statistics in such places and in general being part of statistics is not something these people will end up a part of, online tests and such really suck and like 16p also has brazil as 19% more N than S which is just a complete joke, but this is because it only picks people interested in the test\r\n\r\ntldr: 75% S 25% N is p much objectively right and you didnt understand what i said

8675 Taco110 b518cb1a on 2021/03/07 (Sunday) 20:02:29

What the fuck? I didn’t say that sx/so was solely 1-on-1 in its own right. If that’s your takeaway from this then you’re either straw-manning my position or you didn’t understand my argument in full. The 1-on-1 thing is only one of many facets for what fits sx as sx can and often does correlate to things like attraction, indulgence, sex, lust, obsession, likes and dislikes etc. yada yada you get the point. The point here is attraction, whether it be to people or things, hence my original comment. Looking at it as solely a 1-on-1 thing in its own right would absolutely be archaic and retarded, but that’s not what I did. I just focused on one component of it in particular. Also, no shit lmao. Did you not read the part where I said: “Sx is about merging and completely losing oneself to whatever is going on in a more intense way. They seek intensity, especially sx/so.” This clearly fits Freud’s Id theory about indulgence, instant gratification and whatnot. You just repeated my argument and re-packaged it into other terms.\r\n


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Bernie Sanders

6576 ResoluteSoul 8877d2e4 on 2019/07/06 (Saturday) 05:53:14

Too collectivistic for gamma NT, plus he's uncompromising like a Ti base.

6851 tman 448d3329 on 2019/08/02 (Friday) 11:25:16

Dosn't Sanders seem more Detla then Alpha?

6856 strawberry crisis inshouha on 2019/08/02 (Friday) 14:34:47

No jokes here! Compare him to other Ones in politics and you should be able to recognize very stark differences in thought. Justin Amash is a good example of a One—notice how somebody like him is centered around undying ideological principles divorced from the power involved in our political climate. Somebody like him would recognize oppression and power dynamics as it relates to their political philosophy... principles first, context second. This is why an Eight’s take on justice differs: it looks at the situation first and approaches power dynamics viscerally. Ones strive for perfection—you can see this very clearly in how Ones practically never deviate from their philosophy (and theoretically speaking - when they do, there is a specific defense mechanism at play surrounding their idea of righteousness) and are uncompromising even in the face of power... because they simply do not recognize (i.e. react to) it. This isn’t consistent with what Sanders does; he reacts to power and uses it to guide his moral compass.

7029 Tman 52a6040f on 2019/08/31 (Saturday) 00:14:42

Strawberry, mabye this is a difrence beteween 1w2 vs 1w9?

7035 strawberry crisis inshouha on 2019/08/31 (Saturday) 13:13:15

No, it really isn’t.

8656 Taco110 b518cb1a on 2021/02/25 (Thursday) 22:56:10

Either Se-polr or Fi-polr could fit here, but I don\'t see the EP temperament. Plus, he gave his power away way too much (ie bending the knee to the DNC that fucked him over twice, letting BLM members take over HIS podium and disrupting his rally, not asserting when he could assert etc.) All of these seem to be examples of glaring Se-polr more so than Fi-polr.


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Eric Harris

871 EON f1cfe7ee on 2018/05/31 (Thursday) 03:55:44

I honestly have a hard time seeing a school-shooter as an actual ExxJ.

3293 Turi 29ce15c6 on 2018/09/15 (Saturday) 05:29:14

I'm laughing right along with you, my man. These morons just had to hurt dear Turi's delicate eyes today, hm? 

3307 Turi 29ce15c6 on 2018/09/15 (Saturday) 06:48:59

Hur dur dur. Guess who found the problem here, fellas? Your dear friend Turi speculates that some of these unfortunate lost souls  on here based this young man off of a simple wiki article and nothing more. Oh. the agony. If so hopelessly confused, there's more liable sources such as Harris's journal that has been openly published online. Do you see what happens when we encourage others to put more effort into their assessment? 

3312 Dr. Klemphoff e3d3389e on 2018/09/15 (Saturday) 18:04:42

To foster your own votes and opinions in an astigmatic fashion such as this HH, multiplying like cancer cells until the original use of the cell has failed. It's reprehensible behavior.
You really are the Heaviest Heart.  That weight has taken it's toll.  As a Doctor I cannot approve of your actions.

3313 Turi 29ce15c6 on 2018/09/16 (Sunday) 07:11:32

Not looking good. Not looking good at all. The one with the heaviest heart but fails to acknowledge that he roams this Earth alone quite deluded. Clueless of how his actions have caused people on here to nearly pop a vein out of pure frustration due to his detrimental votes. As a member of this earnest community, your simpleton actions have not gone unnoticed. I assure you, my child. Take heed to the Doc's assessment. Don't just take it all to heart. But allow it to marinate in that noggin' of yours as well. 

8655 Taco110 b518cb1a on 2021/02/25 (Thursday) 22:26:27

INTJ > ISTP imo. Also, LSI is a dumb vote. He was blatantly Fi-polr.


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8653 Taco110 b518cb1a on 2021/02/25 (Thursday) 22:08:26

Really the only logical and intellectually honest position you can take on the issue of religion. It\'s not a matter of playing both sides so much as it is a matter of there\'s no proof for a God nor is there any way to disprove God. In order to make claims, you must provide evidence and/or sound, cogent reasoning. Instead, it\'s a matter of likelihood. God likely doesn\'t exist because there isn\'t any proof and the reasoning presented by theists is circular and retarded beyond belief (using the Bible as evidence of itself - yeah, not gonna work lmao that shit contradicts itself so many times.


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Wendy Testaburger

1406 Sleeper 00ee22aa on 2018/06/21 (Thursday) 10:43:49

What's your reasoning here?

8652 Taco110 b518cb1a on 2021/02/25 (Thursday) 22:00:24

ENFJ =/= EIE. They are two completely different systems that address two completely different things and should be treated as such. While ENFJ and EIE are often correlated with each other, they are not the same thing. Not even remotely fuckin\' close. Wendy seems more ESI with how moralistic and holier than thou she is (socio Fi) combined with her forceful nature and means of supporting her moralism (Creative Se).


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8645 phsc 51ce0ead on 2021/02/15 (Monday) 01:20:44

So I was just thinking about it, both 3 and 8 are terrible votes, is he controlling? yes, but why is he controlling? because he is kinda paranoid and totally insecure about what is going to happen, and he is not naturally THAT controlling, he just went counterphobic during the scene he tries to take the ring! and after that he realizes he fucked up, 3 is a terrible vote, it is not about his image or anything it is more about the fact he thinks everybody else is wrong, 8 is a better vote than 3 but still I think 6 makes way more sense.

8649 Tman 52a6040f on 2021/02/19 (Friday) 16:41:12

His core motivation is to restore honer to his people and make his father proud, which I can see fitting with a 3 or a 6. Also not that controlling? Really? He tired to physically take the ring! I agree 6 might make more sense because he seems to primary desire the Ring so he can restore Gondore and more importantly, make his father proud, but I don't see 3 as a bad vote by any means. I think he's just inclined to try and help "his people" over trying to concern himself with what people think of him, but both are clearly important to him. I also think a lot of his behavior in the film is him moving to 3 under stress now that I think about it.

8651 phsc 51ce0ead on 2021/02/20 (Saturday) 03:56:38

I don\'t think it is all about following his dad and making him proud, I think he truly believes giving it to Gondor so Gondor can use it as a weapon is something he truly believes in, not say that his lack of trust on the elves, on Frodo and such could be quite 6, one issue I realized with 3 is that maybe he could even be 2 if you think he is all about motivations, the 3/2 line gets a bit complicated\r\nAlso 8 makes sense, he is the natural leader kind of dude who wants to protect his people and is quite controlling, he would just be a healthy 8.\r\nI do think he is concerned with security and his people over his image, but control and being more direct about it (read some social 8 healthy descriptions) and then 3.\r\n\"True-hearted Men, they will not be corrupted. We of Minas Tirith have been staunch through long years of trial. We do not desire the power of wizard-lords, only strength to defend ourselves, strength in a just cause. And behold! In our need chance brings to light the Ring of Power. It is a gift, I say; a gift to the foes of Mordor. It is mad not to use it, to use the power of the Enemy against him. The fearless, the ruthless, these alone will achieve victory. What could not a warrior do in this hour, a great leader? What could not Aragorn do? Or if he refuses, why not Boromir? The Ring would give me power of Command. How I would drive the hosts of Mordor, and all men would flock to my banner!\"\r\nThis is very 6, very 8 and very 3, it is hard to distinguish betwen the 3 and 8 in this but I think in the rest of the movie it makes sense, how he tries to act nice to Faramir and such as well, instead of thinking more about himself is something that I think could even justify 2, also here is the thing about 8, 8 goes to 2 under integration so I could see him constantly doing that because he is kinda a healthy 8 (I mean just look at Sauron and compare).\r\nIf he is 3, if anything, the movie is him going to 9, and to an extent counterphobic 6 and going to 3, so think about it.\r\nEarly on he is super mad, doesn\'t like Aragorn (kind of a 3 motivation, but also 6 considering Isildur and the fact men fucked it up back then), doesn\'t like the elves, and thinks him and Gondor should take the ring, he talks a lot about himself in this which makes me think he is going a bit out of the loyalty side of 6 to his dad but going more towards himself (6 going to 3 makes sense but also rather counterphobic I would say), and he still keeps the same mentality, but later on he accepts that it is all up to Frodo and that he fucked up, which is in my opinion a clear 6 going to 9 integration.\r\n3 has the issue which is that... well, only integration works (him accepting to work with them and trusting Frodo could be 3 going to 6), but 3 going to 9 really does not happen and well, 6 going to 9 still has 6 traits and 9 traits, meanwhile 3 going to 9... doesn\'t seem like a good fit to me, 8 has him going to 2 which I already explained, and I think the lack of his dad but the focus on security actually fits 8 going to 5 pretty damn well, as the enneagram institute puts it \"When moving in their Direction of Disintegration (stress), self-confident Eights suddenly become secretive and fearful at Five.\".\r\nThere is also the fact that generally 8s want to be seen as strong and such no matter if tritype 2, 3 or 4, just for different reasons, having met people of all such combinations in real life I\'d agree and think it is part of 8 mostly when social in the instinctual variants.


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National Bolshevism

8650 Jacobus 900d2bea on 2021/02/19 (Friday) 19:59:26

National Bolshevism has been 90% theatrics 10% theory since the beginning


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8648 EverybodyLovesNi d6679fb7 on 2021/02/19 (Friday) 06:12:09

Omg his name is like paraiba tourmaline


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535 fg 3d4044d6 on 2018/05/15 (Tuesday) 09:36:34

take the socionics test and get LIE.

take  few function mbti test and get INTJ most of time and sometimes ISTJ

take few letter mbti test and get INTJ as much as ENTJ

take few enneagramm test and got 5, 8 or 1.

8466 fg 3d4044d6 on 2020/08/28 (Friday) 02:49:06

of course you don\'t deal a situation of crisis with a claustrophobic and an agoraphobic. country does not have the same fear due to different history.

8534 Helvetica 9b846c60 on 2020/11/05 (Thursday) 10:33:29

Do you have Discord? If so, do you mind sending it to me? I'm interesed in inviting you to my server, as you seem like an interesting person.

8535 Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Scottys cc04e958 on 2020/11/06 (Friday) 22:46:58

@fg it's a dude, trust me

8604 fg 3d4044d6 on 2020/12/05 (Saturday) 05:29:34

why i changed my ESTJ for INTJ and SLE for LSI. because introspection is not a fiable method because we are both the subject and the object which is intolerable for a strong analysis, on the contrary an analysis by psychologist is much more viable . changed in my life happened since i wrote this . I created a whole new revolutionnary system of typology that was my obsession during the summer and still is http://francois-garet.e-monsite.com/pages/new-system-socio-evolutionnary-type.html i had been analized by a psychological team (a psychomotrician and two psychiatrist). i learn that i had to go to the hospital because of a psychotic episode and i could become bipolar or . i continued to be followed by a psychomotrician who suspected in me two thing: i abstract almost everything i came in contact (Ni/ white logic) with and i could have autistic tendencies. due to the stress caused by this two revelation (psychotic episode and autism) i had a crisis of violence (i overthrow a table) that almost caused me a disciplanary measure (inf Se).\r\ni went back to the hospital and another psychiatrist that i asked for because i feared a schizophrenia did not spot schizophrenia but rather a potential asperger . LSI being the most common type for Asperger i decided to type me acoording to the statistic in matter of socionics.

8647 EverybodyLovesNi d6679fb7 on 2021/02/17 (Wednesday) 09:14:06

Contraflow asf


Array ( [0] => 10414 [1] => 587 [2] => 12120 [3] => 6048 [4] => 10686 [5] => 514 [6] => 1074 [7] => 11071 [8] => 131 [9] => 11538 [10] => 3735 [11] => 3822 [12] => 12020 [13] => 3300 [14] => 1440 [15] => 10431 [16] => 12095 [17] => 6477 [18] => 1416 [19] => 6806 [20] => 5943 [21] => 12060 [22] => 6946 [23] => 3005 [24] => 1375 [25] => 802 [26] => 581 [27] => 10522 [28] => 7061 [29] => 2276 [30] => 1194 [31] => 6756 [32] => 138 [33] => 2377 [34] => 8236 [35] => 2559 [36] => 425 [37] => 11361 [38] => 11939 [39] => 875 )