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8363 Kali 0e16f5ed on 2020/07/13 (Monday) 05:00:54

Jean Neymar


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Severus Snape

2166 fg 3d4044d6 on 2018/07/17 (Tuesday) 07:08:50

ISTJ>INTJ. (CF's Si)he percieve the world by the prism of his personnal experiences instead of abstract symbol (Ni). despise harry because he look like his father. he is also far too past oriented for being an INTJ. his very detailed book about potions indicate CF's Si.

he is not a 4, being in love or creative don't make you a 4. he choose to join voldemort because he desire to belonging somewhere. his huge loyalty to dumbledore also indicate 6.


8358 TheMemphis e6e89967 on 2020/07/12 (Sunday) 15:50:16

Isn\'t this character like the very definition of socionics Fi ? No ? \r\nMoving from him wanting to be a part of something (enneagram 6 thing) , why did he feel comfortable all these years with the Death Eaters but suddenly decided to betray them ? Because his principles were violated or because his loved one was - contrary to what he initially thought - murdered ?\r\nWhat did he decide to show to Harry, as last words ? Was it not a summary of his life, with the focus being on his relationships to the major figures he met with each relationship receiving a set value of interest or disinterest from him ? \r\nFrom his motives and goals, to his way of life, to even little details like his Patronus being the same as Lily, everything about him is introverted ethics at its purest.

8359 Tman 52a6040f on 2020/07/12 (Sunday) 18:04:17

I could see him having Fi as a role function. But as a leading function? A persons leading function is supposed to be something there comfortable with right? But Snape? Bitter, sarcastic, petty Snape? The guy who took out his grudge on a dead man for being mean to him as a teenager by bullying and intimidating that guys twelve year old son? Not exactly the height of emotional competence.

8360 TheMemphis e6e89967 on 2020/07/12 (Sunday) 18:51:40

We can first pretend that this argument is actually a good one and then say that : it is the same guy who protected with his very life the same son of the woman he loved. What\'s stronger, his hate or his love ?\r\n\r\nBut more importantly, you\'re litterally describing leading and being comfortable with Fi in Socionics terms. That\'s all he does, constantly evaluating people through his emotional lenses and keeping those evaluations deep within himself to the point they define his very existence.

8361 Tman 52a6040f on 2020/07/12 (Sunday) 22:12:47

Just because he evaluates people through his personal lens, doesn\'t imply that\'s something he\'s comfortable with. I think Snape in part singled Harry out in part because it reminded him of a part of himself he had been trying to keep represed. Not just because the memory was so painful, but because Snape didn\'t really know how to deal with strong emotions in grenal. \r\nOf course, that gets into interpretation of the text, but given how many emotional walls Snape seems to erect, I think it\'s a fair reading. \r\nUltimately, you\'re conflating \"makes heavy use of\" and \"is comfortable with.\"

8362 Tman 52a6040f on 2020/07/12 (Sunday) 22:21:11

To be clear, this conflation is a problem because Snape was forced into the circumstances that caused him to have such strong emotions. None of us get to chose when our loved ones die of course, but I always got the impression Snape didn\'t have many friends, and so having the one of the few people who cared about him die probably gave him some baggage that was not a result of inherent personality traits.


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Glenn Danzig

8357 LadyX 2b866641 on 2020/07/12 (Sunday) 15:17:15

I\'m so conflicted about his typing - something I just can\'t express.


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8352 Flower-like 7aefc899 on 2020/07/10 (Friday) 10:48:51

Awful website.

8353 Tman 52a6040f on 2020/07/10 (Friday) 12:54:55


8354 phsc 51ce0ead on 2020/07/10 (Friday) 13:04:48

Why do you guys dislike it? I personally also do but I want to know why others do, I imagine the reasons for such opinion are very different.

8355 Jacobus 900d2bea on 2020/07/10 (Friday) 15:10:15

It\'s a site by-and-for centre-left atheists to jerk themselves off over how intelligent they are, while ironically treating their own views on modern science as dogma. What\'s there not to dislike?

8356 Tman 52a6040f on 2020/07/11 (Saturday) 13:59:19

It\'s a website that drips bias. I don\'t think that there\'s anything wrong with center left athits, but when you have a website that is run by one specific group of people, that anyone can edit, and which claims to be objective, you have a recipe for disaster.


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Lelouch Lamperouge

597 strawberry crisis inshouha on 2018/05/17 (Thursday) 14:10:29

Possibly LIE? I'll vote for it in the meantime

4124 edza 88aaabaf on 2018/11/18 (Sunday) 03:10:35

It's hard for me to see Lelouch as EIE but then again seeing some of the people typed as such I'm not totally sure. But he seems to use a ton of socio Te and isn't exactly radiating passion and relying on that. I think the EIE/LIE votes are on the right track though.

4145 Resonare afe91dad on 2018/11/23 (Friday) 18:39:16

(16:48) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fr8tZEsE_Cg


Fi-suggestive. I've re-watched up until half of R2 and I've already seen a few instances of this from what is certainly his dual as Shirley is ESI (identical to Asuna from SAO for anyone interested).

4209 CatttyKittty 466097ea on 2018/12/12 (Wednesday) 15:10:38

Wtf Lelouch INTP 7w8? LOL he is the most INTJ 8w7 i've ever seen in TV

4210 strawberry crisis inshouha on 2018/12/12 (Wednesday) 17:28:38

I’m very open to 8w7 but I’d really love to see how you’d justify J for Lelouch

8351 Jacobus 900d2bea on 2020/07/09 (Thursday) 20:44:26

more like Ledouche Lampsplooge


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Senku Ishigami

8350 TheMemphis e6e89967 on 2020/07/09 (Thursday) 14:26:31

Elon Musk, basically


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Benevolent dictatorship

8349 Tman 52a6040f on 2020/07/07 (Tuesday) 21:00:34

So basically authoritarianism with good PR? Seriously why does this need a separate page.


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Jill McBain

8348 Jacobus 900d2bea on 2020/07/07 (Tuesday) 03:38:43

doesn\'t really have much of a personality beyond \"willing to fuck to survive\"


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Tōru Takemitsu

8347 Jacobus 900d2bea on 2020/07/06 (Monday) 22:08:49

Kurosawa said Tarkovsky reminded him of Takemitsu.


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5552 Resonare afe91dad on 2019/03/11 (Monday) 18:00:11

Typical Balzac.

5633 edza 88aaabaf on 2019/03/18 (Monday) 18:45:53

He's an MBTI introvert but a Socionics LIE. It is his structural logic (Te) which on display, focused more on the result of things using whatever method available, while the while the MBTI-extraverted Norman is more of a Ti base.

6711 tman 448d3329 on 2019/07/26 (Friday) 01:07:34

The main enngram typing here makes no god damn sense. There couldn't be anything father from the pragmatic, apthetic, damn near amoral chartictziation of Ray then a 1. As for 5w6, he says he dosn't pertuailarly like learning for it's own sake, and only dose so to surive. Ray is a 6w5, hands down. As for IDR, he clearly has infiorer Fi, and make much more use of Te then Ni (Ray get's shit done.)

7621 TheMemphis e6e89967 on 2020/01/09 (Thursday) 11:41:47

Good thing that he's far from apathetic and amoral then.

8340 TheMemphis e6e89967 on 2020/07/05 (Sunday) 12:15:06

And just when you remarkably escaped the trap of voting him as 5 now you go back on your own words. You perfectly explained why he isn\'t a 5, he\'s just not a curious boy, he doesn\'t value the urge of getting competency for one\'s own peace of mind/pleasure.\r\nAlso, more directly asked how is he apathetic and amoral ? He highly values and works hard to preserve what many moral compasses would consider as basic right : human life. On top of that : alone. He had no support, he was the only one knowing the truth and kept it from everyone else, and at no moment did he put \"saving his life\" in his calculations. \r\nThis just goes and shows that : \r\n1- He was extremely driven (so total contrary of apathetic), because once again he was working alone against all odds against a horrific destiny\r\n2- He was working towards achieving a selfless inherently felt right goal..... because once again, no one asked him that, no one even knew about this , he did it all on his own \r\nI\'m under the impression that you\'ve got his nature of a tragic hero growing in a gray/dark atmosphere messed up with his own values.

8346 Tman 52a6040f on 2020/07/05 (Sunday) 18:16:27

Looking back on it, it seems that he was far from apathetic. I think it was also a mistake to call him immoral, but that has a bit more truth to it. It\'s more that Jay operates within moral greys, admittedly not by any fault of his own. He\'s willing to let some of the kids get left behind if that\'s what\'s neceseary for as many people as possible to survive, as opposed to Emma, who wants to save everyone. I voted him a 5w6 because, although he doesn\'t really seem to love learning for it\'s own sake, he tries to use quite observation to keep himself safe. He neither rebels against authority nor tries to ingratiate himself with that authority, like a 6 would do.


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The Game

8345 spaceynyc 7f321b52 on 2020/07/05 (Sunday) 14:39:41

he\'s one of the types with strong Fe and Se. but definitely not EIE. I can see SLE or ESE.


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Demi Lovato

8344 spaceynyc 7f321b52 on 2020/07/05 (Sunday) 14:36:25

either SEE or EIE, again I have trouble telling the two apart. Definitely 4D Fe with valued Se though.


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Goro Majima

8343 spaceynyc 7f321b52 on 2020/07/05 (Sunday) 14:29:51

he\'s definitely a Beta type. either SLE or EIE, leaning towards EIE, but not seeing demonstrative Ne.


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Kazuma Kiryu

8218 spaceynyc 7f321b52 on 2020/05/18 (Monday) 15:11:51

Definitely LSI. Does everything according to his personal code, uses force to apply that code around him. Batman vibes.

8287 spaceynyc 7f321b52 on 2020/06/13 (Saturday) 14:09:55

On second thought he actually may be ESI.

8342 spaceynyc 7f321b52 on 2020/07/05 (Sunday) 14:27:55

update: just finished Yakuza 0, he\'s undoubtedly ESI. No question. Major Fi ethics, backed with Force.


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Kenny Beats

8341 spaceynyc 7f321b52 on 2020/07/05 (Sunday) 14:24:52

he gives me major Fe-Si vibes


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most likely to dislike the heart types

8339 Tman 52a6040f on 2020/07/04 (Saturday) 21:58:53

I can easily see even the most hard nosed 5w6 admiring a 3s drive and confidence or maybe even a 4s insight into human nature. An 8w9 has the 8s association of emotions with weakness (making them diskie 2s and 4s), as well as the 9s desire to be \"left to themselves\" and general desire to remain comfortable (which could make them dislike the fours fault finding and, to a lesser extent, the 3s desperate attempts at improvement.)


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8322 fleetingpetals1 9d5cbb48 on 2020/06/25 (Thursday) 04:06:03

It put much of the world on pause. Changing the tempo. Many fear it. It might not even be real...

8329 phsc 51ce0ead on 2020/06/27 (Saturday) 18:01:25

Is the general idea that ENTJ ILI is a type that might not exist??? why that example exactly? ENTJ ILI is not the most impossible type, why not go with liek ESFP LII or ESFJ ILI?

8331 fleetingpetals1 9d5cbb48 on 2020/06/27 (Saturday) 23:22:52

\"First is that ENTJ ILI is pretty... questionable, ILI is practically always INxP, I can see ILI-Te being J with no problem but the big problem is E, how is ILI extroverted? how does this work out?\"\r\n\r\nYou could say you just found out.\r\n\r\n\"it is not a typology thing, change of tempo actually affects ILI not a lot, the real people who are affected by it and really realize it are the extroverted outgoing people who want to go out and do things, ILI isn\'t that, the change of tempo didn\'t change what types like ILI or LII do mostly, it changed what SEE, ESE, etc, are interested in, social outgoing people.\r\nFor real, explain, I have no idea of what you are trying to say.\"\r\n\r\nILI changes the tempo of others, whether most realize it or not. That\'s sort of the nature of Ni program. \r\n\r\nSee it more like some mastermind ILI archetype that doesn\'t really exist. He\'s the COVID. He\'s feared. \"It might not even be real...\" is shown in the first excerpt of your comment. How can ILI be extroverted? Yes, exactly.

8332 fleetingpetals1 9d5cbb48 on 2020/06/27 (Saturday) 23:24:23

COVID is real. But you even have those who doubt the Holocaust took place.

8335 Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Scottys cc04e958 on 2020/06/29 (Monday) 16:53:22

It kills 0.1% of people, if you fear it than you're an idiot. "Covid is real, 9/11 was bad" omg you're so smart, how can I be a genius like you, Tman? :D

8338 Tman 52a6040f on 2020/07/04 (Saturday) 18:59:26

People are afraid of it because it could overwhelm the healthcare industry, not because the virus on it\'s own is super deadly; it just spreads fast and is dangerous if untreated or with certain medical conditions.


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128 Tiger 454c9843 on 2018/05/04 (Friday) 19:27:45

ISTP 7w6

6419 fg 3d4044d6 on 2019/06/14 (Friday) 13:53:07

you are taking an epistemological position as fallacy. i know most sophism, i readed Schopenhauer's The Art of Being Right . you seem to have an approach far too fundationalist/internalist in my opinion, doubt of everything is not always the wize thing to do it can bring you to an endless seeking of higher principle for knowledge and lead you nowhere, i don't advise you to have an overly externalist/ fiabilist view of things that lead to a lack of responsabilisation, i prefer the virtue epistemology. some field that you want or not are more likely to be a ground of epistemological virtue than other, unniversity is among those more likely legitim field that you want or not.

6420 Teru Mikami 70588bc3 on 2019/06/14 (Friday) 16:46:23

why would someone choose a piece of cutlery over a long, sharp blade if he didn't know what he was doing? my money's on mr spoon man

6424 jt cd4d776e on 2019/06/15 (Saturday) 16:31:52

fg phsc epitemology college debate. Honestly I use the 80 20 rule, 20% of university courses are 80% relevant to my life. Same with the books I read, guess which is cheaper. I thought really hard about taking data structures or programming ii 2 and a infx 598 class on linux... or github, decided against it.

Honestly if you or your parents paid for the credential even by hiring a tutor to cheat in public college or university, then the credential is equivalent to paying 50% more to going to private college

judgers are right, a credential gives an advantage to knowledge debates and applied debates (e.g. politicans), however, there are way more people with degrees now, I argue the percentage of people with degrees now in 2019 is exactly the same as 1000 years ago from an international global perspective. The equivalent of a college degree is different 1000 years ago

6425 jt cd4d776e on 2019/06/15 (Saturday) 16:50:28

Fg phsc debate epitomolgy college continuesd

the cousera link, it's free though the 40 dollar certificate is kinda trivial. Perhaps a library website or open source textbook with interactive quizzes is equivalent.

In us America we call it bachelors degree so it makes it easy to stay single, why I want a degree =)

8337 Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Scottys cc04e958 on 2020/06/30 (Tuesday) 17:39:50

This the type of chick to get drawn with a big dick on booru websites


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Patrick Star

353 SigmaEnigma 2f984bd1 on 2018/05/10 (Thursday) 19:11:41

ISP is obvious, and I can easily see T > F. I see no reason for him being a feeler over a thinker

3126 allm8 481e38ad on 2018/08/31 (Friday) 13:07:27

Make me

3172 Turi 29ce15c6 on 2018/09/03 (Monday) 06:29:02

Your thinking cap, my man. Where is it?

3174 allm8 481e38ad on 2018/09/03 (Monday) 08:29:40

what's that? wanna fight?

8006 shinkim717 52b9ddb2 on 2020/04/15 (Wednesday) 03:05:59

Ummm.... why infp?

8336 muosda1 b85f111e on 2020/06/30 (Tuesday) 17:35:34

in the context of the episode, those were just brain corals that make anyyone who puts them smart, it changed patrick\'s entire personality because it\'s literally another brain\r\n


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Aphex Twin (Richard James)

8330 Jacobus 900d2bea on 2020/06/27 (Saturday) 23:13:01

I hate him.

8333 Thyssen ee866b5b on 2020/06/28 (Sunday) 03:10:59

Hm. Why?

8334 Jacobus 900d2bea on 2020/06/28 (Sunday) 13:08:56

His music is boring and overrated and his fans are annoying.


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Ariana Grande

5074 Teru Mikami 70588bc3 on 2019/01/28 (Monday) 10:06:21

something tells me "HairyBalls" and "suckmydick" are the same person... just a hunch i cant rlly explain why

5081 HairyBalls- 4c7fe497 on 2019/01/28 (Monday) 15:16:19

Think again bud.

5088 Teru Mikami 70588bc3 on 2019/01/29 (Tuesday) 20:47:56

I'm sorry HairyBalls I won't do it again

8324 Flower-like 7aefc899 on 2020/06/26 (Friday) 13:19:38

I\'d gladly smash her head with an axe.

8325 Tman 52a6040f on 2020/06/26 (Friday) 15:21:19

\"Flower like\" is an interesting name for such a violent person.

8326 strawberry crisis inshouha on 2020/06/26 (Friday) 15:54:51

Extremely inappropriate Flower-like read the room


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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

8319 tch 51611d2b on 2020/06/20 (Saturday) 00:16:08

The only good movie after The Last Jedi

8320 fg 3d4044d6 on 2020/06/22 (Monday) 17:23:24

it was not good . the rhytm was far too fast, the character are undevelloped , vader is just here for the fan service. it was absolutely useless and is already resumed by one phrase in the episode IV.

8321 tch 51611d2b on 2020/06/22 (Monday) 19:24:35

I don\'t agree with that, haha. I know this is not a perfect movie (i\'m not a fan of star wars, btw), but this have some memorable moments. The history is linear and simple (and is not redundant like other star wars movies) and have a good resolution (not perfect, but ok). Obviously you can watch all the six part and skip this one, but thats not make this movie is bad per se. Is like to know what happened before of part IV, just that and not make all things simple in the part IV. After all, this is better than all of the prequels and sequels of the original parts and doesn\'t have SJW sh*t and other useless things like in the recent movies (and most of the movies today).


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Conociendo mi Tierra

8318 tch 51611d2b on 2020/06/19 (Friday) 23:42:56

Quién diría que iba a encontrar a gente de habla hispana por acá.


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8317 Tman 52a6040f on 2020/06/19 (Friday) 14:06:25

repost: http://index.sakinorva.net/view?id=7416


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8316 Tman 52a6040f on 2020/06/19 (Friday) 14:05:30

repost \r\nhttp://index.sakinorva.net/view?id=7417


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strawberry crisis

140 strawberry crisis inshouha on 2018/05/04 (Friday) 23:45:37

7w6 feels more wrong than 7w8 nowadays but I don’t know if I will ever commit to this either

8311 Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Scottys cc04e958 on 2020/06/17 (Wednesday) 13:43:01


8312 Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Scottys cc04e958 on 2020/06/17 (Wednesday) 13:43:12

See ya later

8313 Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Scottys cc04e958 on 2020/06/17 (Wednesday) 13:43:29

Catch you later alligator

8314 Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Scottys cc04e958 on 2020/06/17 (Wednesday) 13:44:37

This town ain't big enough for the two of us

8315 Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Scottys cc04e958 on 2020/06/17 (Wednesday) 13:44:53



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Most likely to have high empathy, but low sympathy

8267 Jacobus 900d2bea on 2020/06/11 (Thursday) 17:30:21

why ESFP? FJ 1 makes more sense to me. \"I understand why you\'re hurting, but you need to work through it yourself.\"

8275 phsc 51ce0ead on 2020/06/12 (Friday) 16:02:50

ESFP makes some sense by functions, letters I am pretty unsure if there is any correlation to be made, it is not even F at and you can\'t really put a line betwen sympathy and empathy in how T someone is, this is a pretty hard poll, it kind of has to be something Fi by functions and socionics it is pretty hard, SEE makes sense because of Se over Fi, however Fe demonstrative and the combination of Se probably has more sympathy to those close to them, ESI is also not bad, Fe ignoring is Fe ignoring, however the social aspects of Fi might make so they express a lot of sympathy, I think SEE-Se is the way to go, but ESI-Se is also a good fit, in the case of ESI I think ISFP by functions, weird archetype but I\'ve seen it and it would also make sense, the problem with the most likelies is that often there are multiple types that fit the poll, and I agree with Jacobus, I have never seen someone define it as tman does.

8276 phsc 51ce0ead on 2020/06/12 (Friday) 16:02:50

ESFP makes some sense by functions, letters I am pretty unsure if there is any correlation to be made, it is not even F at and you can\'t really put a line betwen sympathy and empathy in how T someone is, this is a pretty hard poll, it kind of has to be something Fi by functions and socionics it is pretty hard, SEE makes sense because of Se over Fi, however Fe demonstrative and the combination of Se probably has more sympathy to those close to them, ESI is also not bad, Fe ignoring is Fe ignoring, however the social aspects of Fi might make so they express a lot of sympathy, I think SEE-Se is the way to go, but ESI-Se is also a good fit, in the case of ESI I think ISFP by functions, weird archetype but I\'ve seen it and it would also make sense, the problem with the most likelies is that often there are multiple types that fit the poll, and I agree with Jacobus, I have never seen someone define it as tman does.

8277 phsc 51ce0ead on 2020/06/12 (Friday) 16:04:36

Why the fuck did I comment twice, and how? straw where are you at? same exact time as well

8283 strawberry crisis inshouha on 2020/06/12 (Friday) 23:16:32

I noticed that with the new function test, I get a lot duplicate entries submitted too... I don’t know what’s causing that but I can probably just add a 15 second spam filter or something to prevent it (later)

8296 Tman 52a6040f on 2020/06/15 (Monday) 19:40:30

It\'s useless to claim that someone\'s \"being semantic\" when what there really doing is clearly a self evidently semantic disagreement. Obviously I\'m dealing with the ways in which they do not overlap.


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Self-Preservation 9

3697 LadyX 2b866641 on 2018/10/18 (Thursday) 01:41:01

8295 sweetphasmagloo 855641c1 on 2020/06/15 (Monday) 02:40:59

Sp9s likely have an 8 wing due to an admixture of the 9's need for physical comfort and the self-preservative characteristics of security and egocentric needs above all else.


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Neil deGrasse Tyson

1612 Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Scottys cc04e958 on 2018/06/30 (Saturday) 20:13:56

The nice rocket man :)

8289 spaceynyc 7f321b52 on 2020/06/13 (Saturday) 16:01:56


8290 phsc 51ce0ead on 2020/06/13 (Saturday) 16:58:04

Ok, so first of all, keep in mind the ESE typing is not purely because of Ti suggestive, and also keep in mind socionics is not about skill, I will develop on that more, Neil deGrasse Tyson is not a nobel prize scientist, he is a science popularizer and divulgator, he is not Albert Einstein, he is much closer to Carl Sagan, he is not the one who finds out about things, he learns them and gives his opinion on them, first keep in mind the Ne curiosity is pretty obvious to be valued as well as the value for Si, so if he were not to be ESE he is either Alpha or Delta, he is somewhat expressive, laughs a decent amount but still passes his message, he is very good at telling people things that are right, did he find out about them creating some logical objective Ti framework alone like Isaac Newton did back then? no, did he find out about them by considering multiple Ne possibilities constantly within logical frameworks like Albert Einstein? no, he is able to, but that is not what he ends up prefering to do, what happens is that, he prefers to explain things to people in interesting ways, Fe after all, watch some content which he is part of and that is obvious, and people also like to hear his opinions about things that are not always often very objective and he seems to be fine with that, which makes ILE and LII even weirder, SEI is also a very weird typing, extroversion makes sense, Ej makes more sense, as much as I think he would end up being ESE-Si I don\'t think Si is the core of his mostly considering Te PolR and other things, Te role fits pretty damn well.\r\nSo, as wikisocion puts ESE as, \"ESEs are attracted to people who are creative and full of ideas, but at the same time who can give them a \"center\" from which to view the world in a consistent way. ESEs appreciate clear and straightforward analyses of the often huge amount of information they accumulate on an everyday basis.\" when explaining the 3rd block, but ok, what about suggestive Ti?\r\nMost of it is not the best fit, mostly because socionics is a very rigid system where people do not always fit all criteria for typings, but actually, science is a very... objective and one way thing, you can be confident in saying the earth is a geoid, there is also not much place for emotional expression within it, however, if you do see what else he talks about, things such as race and social justice, I do think Fe appears there, not to the point he is not rational, but I do think Fe greatly impacts his decision making, he is also older and more developed within that, it is not the best fit, the only other possible type is ILE which is not bad but then, he is not really peak Ne after all, nobody values his work because of Ne, it is because of Fe and to an extent even Si in how he makes it easy for people to understand things, but really, other than ESE, what else could he be? LSE is pretty close but I don\'t think Te fits very well as being valued and I think Te role is a good fit, Ne mobilizing makes a ton of sense, \"ESEs try to discover, and point out, the unexpected, funny and bizarre side of things, as long as it is in an emotionally-positive way (rather than dark and gloomy), and appreciate the company of people who do so easily.\", I tried to look for the first video that showed up googling his name, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvmWxm3nR6E\r\nTurns out, he is pretty damn expressive, the other dude is more but he probably would be ESE-Fe or IEE, very expressive after all, but I believe he ends up having more Ne as well, but really, compare that to some LII thing, read some book by Descartes, but really, even a more expressive LII is much less... positive, still capable of making jokes, darker even, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNnIGh9g6fA like this, it is much more serious, ILE is more expressive but in a different way, take Slavoj Zizek, he is more expressive but still objective and kinda cold in the way he says things, this is why I think Neil deGrasse Tyson is ESE, and really, I might be viewing this in a kind of close minded way, IEE is also a pretty valid typing that kind of mixes ESE features with ILE but I also don\'t think it generally fits, mostly in how he still has that socionics Ti when addressing social issues, and the way he handles Te as well, also the fact he really does not fit Si suggestive (another problem for ILE).\r\nA big problem is that people end up believing classification of personality defines skill, it does not, if you do add that aspect to it, it becomes even more innacurate, what makes sense is there being a correlation, someone who does a lot correlated with Ti probably is going to get better in Ti related topics, so \"Ti users are smart\" ends up happening, same for everything, some being more natural like Ne.

8291 Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Scottys cc04e958 on 2020/06/14 (Sunday) 02:01:32

The one piece of evidence that black lives matter in no way discounts the volcanoes of evidence that suggest that they do not.

8293 LadyX 2b866641 on 2020/06/14 (Sunday) 23:51:07

Scotty - If your contention is that no lives matter, you can just speak for yourself and keep that discussion on your own page.

8294 Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Scottys cc04e958 on 2020/06/15 (Monday) 01:31:02

Why don't you shut up?


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6336 Teru Mikami 70588bc3 on 2019/06/09 (Sunday) 13:39:08

the world is so unfair

6338 Teru Mikami 70588bc3 on 2019/06/09 (Sunday) 13:43:47

uh huh

6430 Zeego dd1c80b0 on 2019/06/16 (Sunday) 08:58:58

“and if you criticize the theory you'll get labeled as a special snowflake and subsequently banned without even being given the chance to explain yourself in detail” lemme guess, you’re talking from experience?

8292 TheEstranged 4e96a82c on 2020/06/14 (Sunday) 04:14:44

Socionics is a societal role- and groupassignment tool, what sets it apart the most from other Jungian systems is the intertype relation structure, whereas other systems just try to assess the individual, this one attempts to find your \"mold\" in the greater being of the socion in your respective group as well as partners, this seems very extroverted to me compared to other concepts, every last bit of intertype interaction is somehow defined due to its very comprehensive writings on interpersonal dynamics


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8269 Tman 52a6040f on 2020/06/11 (Thursday) 17:46:46

A lot of JREG\'s videos are about not having a strong sense of self, and feeling like he could be taken over by the mask. Very 9ish.

8270 phsc 51ce0ead on 2020/06/11 (Thursday) 18:31:54

uuuh how is having a strong sense of self 9? isn\'t it 4?

8285 Tman 52a6040f on 2020/06/13 (Saturday) 05:36:46

I said NOT having a strong sense of self.

8286 phsc 51ce0ead on 2020/06/13 (Saturday) 06:47:51

He does search for it, and not having a sense of self is not really enneagram 9? more like... 6? 5? really depends on what that means, even 2 fits, his case 4 makes sense becauae he wants to find himself.


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2292 Doha a1ca9f63 on 2018/07/21 (Saturday) 06:20:48

ESTP 7w8 is also a possibility

7939 shinkim717 52b9ddb2 on 2020/04/09 (Thursday) 21:59:58

melted skittles lol

8258 chchchamp 9390cc1c on 2020/06/07 (Sunday) 11:29:32


8280 spaceynyc 7f321b52 on 2020/06/12 (Friday) 21:59:40

Isn’t Socio Fi much more about relations than morals

8281 phsc 51ce0ead on 2020/06/12 (Friday) 22:06:02

Not more, kind of equal, depends on the situation and specific type, still doesn\'t fit him, unless you count relations with kids, but then relations changes meaning in this specific case.

8284 Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Scottys cc04e958 on 2020/06/13 (Saturday) 00:46:56

He knows what he's doing, he made a fool out of all these gangsters and the government as a whole and got away with it, ENTP.


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8282 zayeh 64a055d5 on 2020/06/12 (Friday) 22:57:10

ok ok


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Terry Davis

8278 phsc 51ce0ead on 2020/06/12 (Friday) 16:10:48

I think this is a great example of a poll someone had a decent personality change, I think he would be like INTP ILE when younger and not schizophrenic and also 5, which wing I am unsure, however there are no security features and the system is kind of 4ish after all, later on he got kind of paranoid and also... that weird racism, casual conspiracy theories at times, and a bigger social focus which is interesting, and also more extroverted, I would type him INTP ILE 5w4 earlier on, after probably ENTP ILE 6w5 or 6wb.

8279 phsc 51ce0ead on 2020/06/12 (Friday) 16:13:06

Also tritype 1 seems very weird but the religion thing kind of fits? also I don\'t think later on he was either 9 or 8 in tritype.


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1386 *~snow~* 81d645a9 on 2018/06/21 (Thursday) 04:20:34

A year ago, I would have said ENFJ, if any type at all (based on the image that had been absorbed into my head growing up). Then I actually started reading the bible. And hooo boy, the ExTJ-ness was veeeery apparent (not in a good way).

Just shows how distorted Christians' views toward the abrahamic god have become from who he was truly depicted as.

6806 tman 448d3329 on 2019/07/31 (Wednesday) 20:44:47

Difrent God Teru.

6807 Teru Mikami 70588bc3 on 2019/08/01 (Thursday) 00:10:13


8272 Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Scottys cc04e958 on 2020/06/11 (Thursday) 22:20:21

That's dumb, dumbo. He created everything. You Ns don't create, nobody does, you just take pre-existing things and rearrange them. He's also the only one that understands that nutjob EJArendee so he has to be N.

8273 EverybodyLovesNi d6679fb7 on 2020/06/12 (Friday) 04:09:41

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

8274 phsc 51ce0ead on 2020/06/12 (Friday) 15:52:51

Euclid is rolling in his grave right now


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Dr. Todd Grande

8266 tch 51611d2b on 2020/06/10 (Wednesday) 01:32:44


According with him, he is an INTP in letters, but clearly he has Ni-Fe in jungian.


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8265 phsc 51ce0ead on 2020/06/09 (Tuesday) 05:36:28

http://index.sakinorva.net/view?id=10501\r\ncongratulations tman


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Max Stirner

6537 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/07/02 (Tuesday) 16:33:34

Why ILI? I'm genuinely curious towards arguments.

Teru and me had a small talk about Stirner's type, twice, Teru didn't read Stirner though, but then I told him about what Stirner said and with his previous knowledge on what he heard about him and what I told about him he achieved ILE and I LII, and here is why:

Also Diobono if you didn't leave the server you could've taken part on it, also does this still apply or did you actually read him?

As much as Ti ego seems quite ridiculous for a philosopher who isn't that rational or doesn't look for fairness, who isn't Descartes(didn't look for fairness but didn't focus on that) or Kant, while I believe Stirner does look for it in a interesting way, I think we should consider other functions too and don't go by stereotypes (ILI big individualistic dude), first of all, let's start with Se polr, I will use a few phrases from the following, I won't post the second link's description of Se polr which I find accurate because of how big it is but I might use small parts of Stratiyevskaya's description, but take a look at both, as much as he does use lots of Ni.

http://www.wikisocion.net/en/index.php?title=LII_by_Stratiyevskaya http://wikisocion.net/en/index.php?title=Wikisocion_LII_composite

Stirner puts a lot of emphasis on how things should not be coercitive, quoting Stratiyekvskaya "the LII does not tolerate any abuse and coercion over himself", to an certain extent that can even apply to things which aren't pure force, such as religion, he was also agaisn't nationalism which is a typical LII trait, he solves the lack of the state problem with the concept of the union of egoists, he also is agaisn't moral systems which is well simply Fi polr one could say, but then he isn't agaisn't them, he isn't immoral, yet amoral, he mentions that people will probably still be moral under the union of egoists.

But a thing that makes me think ILI isn't accurate is maybe his relationship with people, his most famous drawing, was made by Friendrich Engels, as both of them and Karl Marx were part of the Die Freinen, and now we get to a interesting part: Stirner and Engels seemed to go quite well together, and Engels being an ESE, I do not really see how ILI and ESE would go together because their relationship doesn't go well because they don't value anything the other has and are good also in correlation with that making it the worst relation possible! another interesting thing is that Engels agreed with Stirner's egoism and that it could be used to achieve communism, but then we have critics to Stirner in The German Ideology, Marx criticizing him the most I would say, I find interesting that, his relationship with Marx could not be good because it could be a supervisor relation, one being able to say it is the second worst relation possible, Marx called Stirner a "petty bourgeois individualist intellectual".

We have this poem made by Engels on Stirner:

"Look at Stirner, look at him, the peaceful enemy of all constraint.

For the moment, he is still drinking beer,

Soon he will be drinking blood as though it were water.

When others cry savagely "down with the kings"

Stirner immediately supplements "down with the laws also."

Stirner full of dignity proclaims;

You bend your willpower and you dare to call yourselves free.

You become accustomed to slavery

Down with dogmatism, down with law."

One could say that saying "Down with dogmatism" doesn't fit LII, but casual reminder Kant said this about Spinoza:

"Spinoza’s metaphysics was a prime example of dogmatic rationalism that lacked all justification as a valid metaphysical method."

For ILE,  Teru said that him not being moral is a thing that could be Fi polr! but I kind of explained how I could see role Fi working here, Stirner also talks about how what he writes is more of a point of view and not an absolute truth too, but I think this could also affect LII to a certain extent, or ILI too.

But I also see a few problems with Se polr, such as the fact a LII wouldn't really like this:

"Whoever knows how to take, to defend, the thing, to him belongs property."

"What I have in my power, that is my own. So long as I assert myself as holder, I am the proprietor of the thing"

Which could indicate valuing Se? but I still believe that he didn't value Se because of how he talks about coercion being terrible, and to a certain extent indirectly arbitrariness, since the use of force does define who owns something, another thing is his obvious use of Ni, the earlier parts of The Ego and It's Own are very Ni-ish I would say, but then ILE has 4D Ni and LII's many times still use Ni I would also say. over Te use, I don't see him that much as an utilitarian, I don't remember well but I think he even criticizes utilitarianism, also he doesn't talk about how to achieve anything he talks about, which could be Te ignoring? he is also agaisn't the typical revolution for other ideologies, and he actually did really like Hegel, the start of The Ego and It's Own shows that but not only that, he mentions Schiller and Goethe, which Hegel made lectures on which Stirner probably did go to and I did read said lectures because I found said book which also has another work by Hegel which I forgot on a used book store for an extremely cheap price and bought it and Hegel does mention Schiller and Goethe more than once which makes sense considering it is a work on aesthetics.


May I mention that it has been a long time since I've read Stirner and of course it was in portuguese so some of it has been translated and said work might have been done poorly and some of it has been googled so I could see if what I was saying is actually true, fun fact, he translated The Wealth of the Nations by Adam Smith and Traité d'économie politique by Say.


Am I am completely open minded for Stirner as ILI I just don't see why.

6555 Teru Mikami 70588bc3 on 2019/07/03 (Wednesday) 21:38:17

the internet. also it's not screenshotting it's copy pasting (from a public server!!!) which makes it perfectly okay

6556 Diobono a889d29a on 2019/07/03 (Wednesday) 21:40:08

You said multiple times yourself that internet polls are not very accurate so i disagree

6557 Teru Mikami 70588bc3 on 2019/07/03 (Wednesday) 21:41:01

why polls? we are talking about stirner's type

6560 fg 3d4044d6 on 2019/07/04 (Thursday) 15:07:38

saying that someone reasoning is magical without explaining how he fails to understand something is stupid. the accusation of me being "magical" have not a single fundation. I am probably the one who made the most researsch on socionics so if you want to criticize my method you will have to be more specific or shut your mouth on the future, Diobono.

8264 tch 51611d2b on 2020/06/09 (Tuesday) 02:34:59

All things are nothing to me.


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Daniel Dumile (MF DOOM)

8263 tch 51611d2b on 2020/06/09 (Tuesday) 02:33:22

The best emcee with no chain ya ever heard


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Jagex / Runescape

8262 tch 51611d2b on 2020/06/09 (Tuesday) 02:31:12

buying gf


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