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Reko Yabusame

8365 strawberry crisis inshouha on 2020/07/16 (Thursday) 01:28:37

It\'s implied that [[she may have been more of an 8 before falling apart with Alice]] but she\'s too lowkey to be one the way she is right now -- she doesn\'t naturally emerge as a leader... she\'s shown to be pretty openly soft and empathetic despite being rough... and she tends to be independent through detachment rather than engagement. If she were an 8, she probably wouldn\'t have a 7 wing, either.

8708 yourmom69 1523bee9 on 2021/03/21 (Sunday) 21:40:40

That could be enneagram 8 disintegrating to 5 which is why she looks more detached and less engaged. Reko was in an unhealthy state so it makes sense for her to disintegrate to 5. After all, your enneagram doesn’t really change, especially if you’re already an adult which Reko is.

8709 strawberry crisis inshouha on 2021/03/23 (Tuesday) 18:18:21

Why 5? She\'s clearly a 9

8711 Dollar Shave Club One Wipe Scottys cc04e958 on 2021/03/25 (Thursday) 01:36:10

Why 9? She's clearly a 5

8723 yourmom69 1523bee9 on 2021/04/04 (Sunday) 18:17:12

No I’m not saying she IS a 5 I’m saying that she’s an 8 who’s in an unhealthy state (and 8’s in their unhealthy state disintegrate to 5 by becoming detached from their environment, which we see in Reko). But at her healthiest, Reko integrates to 2 by becoming more open hearted and caring towards those around her. So if you look at her integration and disintegration lines, she is an 8w9.

8724 strawberry crisis inshouha on 2021/04/07 (Wednesday) 13:02:40

Sorry, I don\'t see anything like that at all. She\'s just passive, detached, secretive, and shows occasional aggression. 8 at 2 would look a lot \"louder\" and Reko isn\'t that. 9 explains her general passivity and a lot of what you\'re describing as her integrating to 2.

8743 12345tp12345 155af60e on 2021/05/11 (Tuesday) 13:48:18

hey. do you still reply to emails? I sent something to you