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8485 Elfae 59ac6dcf on 2020/09/29 (Tuesday) 14:09:29

She's EII, not IEI ! Of course she's a romantic and a dreamer, but she lives according her moral values. She is EII-Ne (which makes her look like more dreamie and IEI-look-like.) She doesn't want to marry Gaston (SLE)because he is "boorish", she can't stand his behaivour, he isn't a good man according to her values, she has judged him with her Fi. And she has Se PoLR: she doesn't like Gaston because he is kind of a negative, unhealthy Se-dom stereotype: too sure of himself, too prone to anger and violence (mostly when he wants to kill the Beast.), and so on. And we can see her Se PoLR when the beast yell at her after she touches the rose, she simply can't stand that and runs away. I'm EII myself and Belle is the Disney princess I relate to the most (;

8735 devilgirl666 ed79009a on 2021/04/22 (Thursday) 03:47:13

I think the issue with this argument is that Gaston is an unhealthy Se lead, a healthy IEI isn't going to like that. Duality only really "works" when both parties are healthy