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Johann Sebastian Bach

5753 kawaii f3e8b295 on 2019/03/31 (Sunday) 17:09:33

u sure about that 3 doodz

5755 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/31 (Sunday) 18:09:42

I find it unlikely for Bach to have been a 4, he did not have the general unique idea and if he did it was really private, first he didn't try to make really innovative music out of the start, he spent a lot of time trying to copy Buxtehude's style, and it took him years for him to stop using a north german organ school style into a south germanic one which are easy to see in the cantabile style present in his later works mostly the Art of the Fugue and The Musical Offering, 2 can be an option but his general behaviour towards other people does not seem to fit, he really loved his first wife and he got really sad when she died, but still he got married again this time with a nice singer, he had many kids but I don't think any of that was because he wanted to be loved or anything, he did give out classes many times for minimal amounts and some of it was because he thought he was doing good, but I think he is a 3 because of some important factors in his life, he frequently considered many musicians incompetent but he actually did better than them but then it could be a 1 thing, but let me use an example, the Well Tempered Clavier actually wasn't the first time he used equal temperament for tuning, he used it before in a competition agaisn't a french dude called Louis Marchand, he didn't get to use it agaisn't him but did show the people that were going to see the competition, because Marchand flew from the city when he realized that Bach could compose in 24 tones, Marchand was for sure a main 3 considering what he did after and that he did not compose that much yet improvise or just show off his skills but we are not typing him.

Another thing is that Bach got obsessed about a melody I think Frederick II of Prussia "the Great" played on the flute, which generated his crab canon later on, but well according to what I've read Bach got obsessed and wanted to understand that melody deeply and then compose something impressive out of it but the king was kind of an asshole with him, if I remember right he did not get to show it to the king too because of his poor health and because he had to compose many and many pieces, and Bach also really enjoyed when his cantatas were popular, but then most I mentioned could maybe apply to 2s? he really believed in god but not really in a 4 way, all he wanted to do is make music that sounded like god and I think he did achieve that in many different forms, but I'm open for other suggestions for that.


One could easily question the 5 vote for the tritype, but I am quite sure about 5 even though 6 could also be it for the tritype with some new information, Bach was a really religious man but his pieces are not like the one a 6 would compose I think, he got inspiration much from composers from previous times and did not like newer music but the reason would very likely be just 1 things, the new music was much simpler than what he composed and Bach valued things that the classic period did not value such as extreme skill on the use of counterpoint which he developed one could say even systems for using it, he also used many things not common for his period and that are really rare even to this day such as the greek modes, the best use being the "Dorian" Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV 538, other than heavy cromaticism which is a quite rare thing mostly if you compare him to other composers from the time such as Handel, also that he did value music from other regions, mostly considering the high amount of works with italian, french and english influences in them, as also taking many themes from italian composers.


I am also not sure about the socionics vote, Bach fits socionics Ti pretty well with his logic and system creating, he really liked following rules exactly as they should but I think that is both a socio Ti and Te thing, but his method for creating melodies mostly later on is from using mathematical patterns and simply numbers, letters, names, which is really interesting, but his general style is repeating a bunch of themes with many variations with casual new ideas coming in and out but with extreme attention to detail, Se fits because mostly young Bach had problem with incompetent authorities or just people he did not like in a few cases, but I could see a case for LSE, he really took many pieces to compose and a lot were cantatas which were probably the most useful stuff he composed as in for the time, I've seen some people type him as SLI but I don't see him as a Si dom for real, he died because he wanted to compose too much and then there is that eye surgery thing that was done by that dude that also killed Handel, but the reason he died is more related to being 1 and impatient and wanting to be competent towards doing what he had to do.


I am also not completely sure about ISTJ for IDR but I think the general mastery over multiple styles is more of a Si indicator with the inferior Ne casually kicking in for ideas? but then Ni Se could've been it? I am not sure about how the achieved most of his ideas as in the original ones other than taking what other people made and improving it which is what most ISTJs do but he had some really big creativity sometimes as can be seen in Fantasia in G minor BWV 572 and how it develops being really different from everything else and the fact he literally prolongs a G major chord for 5 minutes with like a prelude like strucutre at the end which is not a prelude? and how he did not give a fuck about the north organ school tradition later on and how he did some weird stuff such as using solo pedal parts that can be easily seen in the Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV 565 that are kind of an heresy and some historians even think he did not compose it but Te Fi for sure, and if one questions the sp/so vote even though Bach got sad with his wifes death and by the way he composed the Violin Partita no.2, the Chaconne in D minor BWV 1004 after she died and did marry again but I don't think he was that close to them as in a sx user is, he did not have many problems having to be far from family and his relationship was kinda I would say pragmatic mostly with his second wife because they would compose and as she was a singer it would greatly help Bach but I am not that sure about sp main for Bach.