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Maximilien Robespierre

7265 fg 3d4044d6 on 2019/10/20 (Sunday) 16:57:04

being socialist is common for VLFE but not all V will don't imply being 3rd F. Robespierre liked the people not because of a material compassion, but because they represented his abstract ideal of virtue (4th F). he was described as the incorruptible because of his lack of care about money or women's temptation, but he never displayed the common 3rd physics disgust/attraction about their sexual desire despite being having much occasion (he had a bunch of fangirl, talanov and the syntax of love mention it) .  for this reason the official vote of VLEF is more pertinent than VLFE.

7663 Jacobus 900d2bea on 2020/01/17 (Friday) 22:40:29

"Robespierre was serious and introspective as a child, and had few friends. Recurrent ill-health and his slight build impelled him to more solitary and intellectual, less social or physical pursuits. These traits carried over into his adult life, and although some have concluded that he was by nature cold (and even inhuman), his sister Charlotte maintains that, while he seldom laughed outright, he often smiled, and was very sensitive, capable of much warmth and affection, despite his serious demeanor."

"One of Rousseau's dictims that Robespierre took to heart in particular is the following: "The spirit of the people may reside in an enlightened minority, who consequently have the right to act for the political advantage."  It is easy to see how this belief enticed Robespierre, who already knew that he was not wrong, whose care for la Patrie was his chief concern, who saw himself as the inheritor of Rousseau and, by extension, the general will. It became the basis for all his actions while in power; it is virtually the same as asserting that he did what he did "because France demanded it.""

"The duty of pleading the case of the weak against the strong is that of every heart not so poisoned by egoism and corruption. My life's task will be to aid those who suffer and to pursue with vengeful words those who, without pity for humanity, enjoy the suffering of others." (Robespierre to his sister, Charlotte)

8732 devilgirl666 ed79009a on 2021/04/22 (Thursday) 02:53:08

why is this guy used as the LII example lmao

8747 LII b8ffc513 on 2021/05/24 (Monday) 07:49:35

He is a typical LII outside the intellectual sphere. I believe that Aushra tend to use worlds and examples which are against stereotypes (for instance she use ethics instead of feelings). He doesn\'t seem to be LSI and I currently agree that he is LII, it is typical for LIIs to be idealistic.