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5288 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/02/17 (Sunday) 18:33:02

So I am curious about what type random people who don't know me at all think I am based on my 22 comments on this lovely website.

I made most of my comments in the following character's pages: Asuka Langley Sohryu, Socrates, 9w1, Libertarianism and INFP.

And no, this does not say I have Si and remember things, I unironically wrote it out because I planned on making this post a while ago but I was thought I did not have enought comments for anything to be possible to be deduced from it.

Now, since I have a reason to make a post, I will use the rest of it to try to make a few tests using this text editor and the website in a general way, and also the edit feature if I got right what it does.

I think testing the features giving test results is a great idea.

5296 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/02/17 (Sunday) 19:32:34

So I just had the curiosity to try to see if I can do this.


Which is pretty simple, I will remove the p tag while in commend more, so no need for edit mode!

So now in theory I am capable of doing this kind of thing and I did read the rules and I hope I will not get banned for doing but anyway really cool!

So in theory this should be 2 comments by now? not sure?

EDIT: so it adds one p tag per line? I am going to make another comment to try to break it again.

5297 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/02/17 (Sunday) 19:35:01

ok so now i will type lots of text and test test test test test test test test back to normal or smth

edit didnt work sadly i have another last possibility tho

5298 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/02/17 (Sunday) 19:36:32

test test test test

edit: very likely it was the table that killed everything but i wont try it again

5299 strawberry crisis inshowha on 2019/02/17 (Sunday) 19:37:26

XSS hasn’t really been a problem on the site yet but I guess I’ll do something about it now

5300 strawberry crisis inshowha on 2019/02/17 (Sunday) 19:39:13

I’ll just remove your comment when I’m able to but thank you for not abusing it hahaha

5301 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/02/17 (Sunday) 19:49:50

Actually no need now since many comments have been made since I made mine so now it does not affect the main page anymore, but the website is yours so feel free to remove it and feel free to ban me if I someday do something you consider wrong because this is your property and etc and I am the one supposed to say thank you because you actually care and well I could see myself getting banned for that kind of stuff in other websites so great!

5303 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/02/17 (Sunday) 20:39:50

Hey, there is also a problem with the voting system for the instinctual variants which is pretty funny.

Same concept for IDR, Enneagram and Sociotype.

God how I wish I had not to do this in public because in this small period of time someone can find out how to fuck up everything up but I trust the inactivity of this website enought for that.

5304 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/02/17 (Sunday) 21:14:27

I think you know how to fix it but make so you get the index of the selected option instead of the value it has, or make so it runs specific functions or procedures like you do with the ones I cannot change, or just verify if it fits the criteria for each kind of vote.

5335 Teru Mikami 70588bc3 on 2019/02/19 (Tuesday) 15:53:08

yo dude.. think you can fit the n-word as a vote? for testing purposes

5336 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/02/19 (Tuesday) 16:03:06

Uh so here is the deal the most characters i can put in a vote is 5 and the n word has 6 so i either put it as nigga or as niger or as nword but then it is only for the enneagram or the variants

maybe if i find a good method for doing sql injections i can insert it directly or maybe it is javascript that limits it to 4 or 5 letters and if it is i can change it but it is very likely PHP anyway uh I don't think I will get banned for that because I unironically destroyed all IDR votes yesterday so I guess it is no problem

5337 Teru Mikami 70588bc3 on 2019/02/19 (Tuesday) 17:01:06

who gave you permission to use the hard-R? are you racist or something?

5338 Teru Mikami 70588bc3 on 2019/02/19 (Tuesday) 17:04:17

wait u actually did it.. THE AUDACITY!!

5339 switchblades abeeba2f on 2019/02/19 (Tuesday) 18:28:17

com on joseph..




we talked about this!!!!

5356 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/02/20 (Wednesday) 15:25:55

May I ask exactly why I am LIE?

5357 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/02/20 (Wednesday) 16:56:31

Can someone explain to me why I am a LIE? are these serious vote?


Anyway I did this test so I am posting results here and I really think the results were interesting:


I don't really think I am a SLE and from LII to SLE is pretty weird too I guess.


Also I am not sure if I mentioned this but I compose, also all the pieces are pretty small:

Also I am 16 years old.

And a bunch of test results:


5368 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/02/21 (Thursday) 16:21:15

Are you guys unironically voting me LIE just because of the most I made on Jacobus profile?

5369 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/02/21 (Thursday) 18:19:51

Actually now that I think about it almost everything I did here indicates LIE, I guess the votes are right considering the information they have about me, fair, I guess, I still don't think I am a LIE mostly considering real life behaviour, and the type relationships if I understood them right also colaborate towards me being LII, I can give more information if anyone wants but I guess it is not going to happen considering how people have been reacting.

5370 HairyBalls- 4c7fe497 on 2019/02/21 (Thursday) 18:24:50

Dude give it a rest

5375 ResoluteSoul 8877d2e4 on 2019/02/21 (Thursday) 20:50:47

Bring clarity to the world, do not be pressured to let truth be shrouded by darkness.

5376 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/02/21 (Thursday) 21:01:39

Can you lower your 9 vote a little bit so my actual 1 stays a little bit higher? I mean, not even 8? really? 9? I mean you are taking this at least a little bit serious, but 9? I clearly love peace of mind, I hate conflict, I like to preserve things, I am in a general way very chill, I mean that 9 vote really goes well with the cp5w6 vote but I got to agree with it, as if this is purely based on how I act here and I did this:

I am some kind of sakinorvian terrorist I guess, same level as unabomber, also my ego and my antisocial behavior is on the same level as Bobby Fischer.

Also remember to vote cp7w6 if I at some day become a sucessful musician, ok? also add a 7 to my tritype because all musicians, mostly classical because there is no such thing as music theory at all so they cannot be 5.

Actually I did not understand your comment, unironically. Is it positive about me being LII or negative about me... caring about if I am LIE or LII? this might be coming off as a big aggressive but that is because I am manipulating you into changing that 9 vote to 8 because I am the 9 god, ok?


Oh I forgot I am supposed to give this a rest.

This is part of me roleplaying as a LIE, ok?

5377 ResoluteSoul 8877d2e4 on 2019/02/21 (Thursday) 21:19:55

Votes are quite frivolous, are they not? I still desire honesty with the process within itself and this goes without saying to do plentiful research and consideration before voting on a single page. However, to display such immense care towards the perception of self by others is quite shortsighted. I guess I just want to say that it shouldn't be something to be taken seriously. The world is plunging into chaos and this is not an issue to be considering.

5378 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/02/21 (Thursday) 21:36:13

No because I care about some lovely pixels on my screen because they are everything to me! what you guys say DEFINES ME! 

Also can you stop writing like that, it is just annoying, I know you are or want to be a INFJ ok? such wiseness.


Clearly the reason is that I did not learn socionics was a thing like two weeks ago and want opinions from people who have more experience with it, ok? I am indeed the person with the most knowledge about every single topic and cannot be affected by things such as confusion.




but for real lower that 9 for fucks sake it annoys me

and saying that is the best way to make people not lower their 9 votes anyway, but ok give me moral lesson mr INFJ

5379 Jacobus 900d2bea on 2019/02/21 (Thursday) 21:48:54

phsc have you ever been diagnosed with autism, Asperger's syndrome, or any other autism spectrum disorder?

5380 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/02/21 (Thursday) 21:50:56

Yes I take everything literally and cannot understand sarcasm because of that.


Unironically tho I went to a psychiatrist like a week ago or something and he said I do not have autism maybe aspengers but I am going to do a ton of tests anyway so maybe, he said it is a possibility tho.
Also isn't autism a LII thing? what now losers? I am always right!

I have made 42 comments and I have no likes.

This is so sad, can we hit 50 likes?

5485 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/02/27 (Wednesday) 21:02:31

What is better than posting a lot of test results I've done in the past... not sure how long exactly but anyway, I save most results so here they are:

AAAAND just to end with the cherry on top with the greatest test ever made on earth:



I am very likely a member of alpha quadra, at least I'd say so, I did not save the results from these tests from which gives values for quadras, and if someone has a test for it I am interested.


I am not sure how much type relations play out in socionics yet, I do have a idea but I am not going to bet I know much about it thus not going to mention my opinion, but I have two people I could call friends, both being ILE, one INTP and one ENTP and both 5w4, difference being one is 592 sp/sx and other being 541 sp/so.

Anyway, on the letter typings I personally think what I voted for myself is what I am, I do not know if I do or do not have aspergers and I am going to go to a psychiatrist in some period of time for some things my parents think I need to do.


Anyway I might also give out the reason I am here and how I found this website out:

After getting the basics of Jung and cognitive functions I wanted to find a community to talk about it, I did talk about with these two friends I mentioned but I wanted external options and maybe a way to see other type behaviour and of course get more concepts right, etc.

And I decided, what place better than Reddit? well, r/mbti is crap and I do not think I need to explain why, so I imagined someone probably had made a website for typing, and I found out about mbtidatabase, which is also crap, so somewhere somehow I found out about mbtibase, which was pretty interesting but the website was dead, so I kept typing people by myself for my own sake, mostly real life people as I can get more information from them, and some day I googled "cognitive function test", saw sakinorva, took it, and found out there was more to the website but I did not act directly creating an account or anything, I actually just used the test, gave it to some people I know to see if it was great and well it is pretty decent, anyway then I found out about the actual voting part of this website and decided I would take part in it, after looking a little bit on how behaviour here works, what each kind of vote exactly does, lurking around before acting, the reason I am here is because I simply have fun typing people and this is mostly because here I can know if I am right or wrong based on others opinions and comments which makes it a little bit more accurate and etc I mean this is all pretty obvious I guess.

And I guess that is it, any questions, tests, anything at all, very likely not going to happen because I know I am boring, not interesting and other things but I will not lie I do not really care but I am interested in strangers opinions on my type and well while I imagine most people who would actually vote for my type already did maybe in the future or something someone finds this comment useful, but very likely it is just going to be annoying on the front page as I think the images can break it a little bit if the resolutions are too big and the amount of text is relatively high so it might make it living hell to scroll down but meh.


Also that fancy socionics test with the green bars was recommended by someone from a discord server and actually I do not know how accurate most of these are, I personally like keys2cognition for cognitive functions and the rest are just for the sake of it and the fact I did some of them in the past, and some of these I could've been affected by something in real life, anger, sadness, etc which could make the results different but that is obvious.


Oh, and the name, phsc, comes from physics, tfw you're 11 and you like something, it is also the abbreviation of my real life name so that is why I picked these exact letters, actually it sounds more like p eich n see or something like that but in practice as voice-chat or something people either call me physics or phisk but not like it matters and I like the name it is not common so I kept it.

5517 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/04 (Monday) 12:53:47

So this is going to be me talking about my sociotype which I am not completely sure as of the moment I start writing this, keep in mind this is not only made for the sake of commenting but also and most importantly for the sake of me finding out my true socionics type, as I consider my enneagram 5w6 1w9 3w4 sp/so my letters being 0.5 I 0.5 N (maybe 0.75) 1 T and 0.25 J(maybe 0.25 P or 0, unsure) and according to cognitive functions as in a IDR vote, INTJ.


I have arguments for all of that up but I am not going to post a ton of text I wrote in the past and could write as arguments for these typings, I am open minded to changes but I find it very unlikely one is going to find out I am a different type for said things.


Into Socionics, I am going to try to show proof according to my behavior in the website for LII and LIE, considering maybe a small analysis of why people voted what they did, then using real life behavior, then using many other typing methods, then based on some experiments I did related to it, and then achieving a final conclusion, or trying to at least.




1 : Website


On this website, I have not been heavily analytical or anything like that, which would be more of a Ti trait, and not that much argumentative, and when argumentative I have been more empiric than logical, also most of the times I fucked up it was related to INFPs which is something I find interesting, and well, if I got socionics right, Te is a function way more correlated to empiricism , as LIE, when compared to LII, being the types I would consider myself as and votes also have considered, other than that I tend to assume a lot of stuff, which is if I am right socio Ne, mostly as I always try to mention that I am assuming things that indicate Ti use I would say, other functions not very shown, I guess Si since I want to maintain the website in peace and using Ne and not sure if Te or Ti to find errors in the website that can be abused, unsure about Fi and Fe use – all I know is that I am really socially awkward here I think – I do not remember showing any kind of Se and Ni, keep in mind if my definitions are wrong just tell me about it, but according to what I’ve seen commented on typings, assumed on the logic behind votes made by others and such things, I think they are right, also I did read that post by fg where he compares socionics functions with Jungian ones, and did of course read material related to it.

Going deeper into it, it is obvious a Fx is what I consider my worst function and thus deducing it as my role function, not sure if Fe but later on I will explain that better.

Unsure about other functions and how I might have showed them here, Ne and Te being the ones I personally think I have shown the most but it does not fit the Model A as in theory one should be in the Id and one should be in the Ego, if that is what you guys use but I am also unsure.


On the votes, I will start from bottom to top:

Me: I consider myself LII by many reasons and I will explain them later.

Phantom: I guess the fact that my socio Fe sucks, that I fit the ExxJ temperament according to my behavior here, maybe Te since I prepared things for others to type me? Unsure.

Teru: Of course could be trolling, I did show way more Te use and lack of knowing that empiricism is highly subjective and I also showed myself as more of a P and in theory LIIs are really rational and in socionics that would mean J for MBTI if I got it right, again maybe the same thing for my crappy Fe, etc.

NiTech: So I am going to divide this in three cases:

1 – He thinks I am a Ti Ne user, reasons I explained before diving into specific typings.

2 – He is GalaxyStrider, who is someone that went to talk to me on Discord, and if I remember right had sociotype as LII-Ti, Jungian type as INTJ and enneagram as 5wi don’t remember, 1w9 and don’t remember the other one, which seems to fit, considering my behavior in his discord I would also imagine I am a LII since I literally joined, talked to him for a few minutes, he mentioned a test, I took it, didn’t post results, didn’t say a word, left it, then a while ago posted said test results here, unsure about the low rating on I since that would be a thing that indicates more I behavior but again I am assuming he is said person and this is a pure guess and I can be completely wrong, there is also a thing I’ve seen that is people in older comments mentioning the name GalaxyStrider so maybe that is an account but I did go through all accounts considering ID for the website and do not remember finding it but I did go considerably quick.

On it, GalaxyStrider does not have, at least currently, an account on the website, but I see that there were likes by him, which is interesting, also there was some kind of discussion between Teru and kawaii that he was mentioned but here is the thing, I have no fucking idea and this is a pure guess.

3 – Maybe he just saw I consider myself LII and voted LII, this seems to be a thing, as well as people voting for types that have been voted by people they trust but then I assume they are not doing some effort to understand the thinking behind other votes.

The cp5w6 is the best part of this, I do not consider myself a cp5w6, just a generic 5w6 but that was more of a test to see if people would vote cp5w6 for me if I considered myself a cp5w6, which happened and I do not blame NiTech for it, I would very likely do the same and maybe after all I can be a cp5w6, ResoluteSoul really likes voting cp for people though.



2 : Real life and other methods:


You guys could assume some things about my life, first of all that I know programming or at least website-related programming since I was able to find flaws on this, I do know actual programming and plan on working in that area for the rest of my life unless it dies for some reason which I find a unlikely thing to happen.

Other than that, maybe aspergers but then it is just Jacobus mentioning it but kawaii when he went on private chat via GalaxyStrider’s discord to talk to me mentioned he also considered it a thing, maybe it can be some bias because of that theory I could be josepthy1.


Anyway I am a 16 year old who happens to be a enneagram 5 and then likes learning a bunch of crap and most of it has no use(this is also a thing against Te, most in the case of LIE, according to what I know, is related to learning useful things), I do not have many friends, I mean in real life I would consider one but even then not that much, online a considerable amount, still not super personal with anyone, I like learning things as I mentioned, I like many and many areas and that is kind of a problem, I want to live alone, I am very likely going to die a virgin and have no problems with that but wouldn’t consider myself asexual but also not an incel, also I have a theory for my own post jungian system but it is underdeveloped and I need a lot of information and things and I don't want to give information about it, at least yet.


By functions, I personally consider myself a Ti Ne user as main functions, reading type descriptions by Gulenko and the one by V. Megend and A. Ovcharov I also think I fit pretty well into LII-Ti, at most there are problems, the Model A mentions the Id functions as boring and meaningless, and me not finding much meaning in them, but I do not think they are boring and yeah the skill thing seems to make sense and fit.

The biggest problem I have with LII is Se, I would say my Se is quite decent, I do not lack confidence in it, nor am sensitive to criticism, I find it boring and useless.

I consider me as having higher Fi than Fe, which also fits LIE more if I got things right.

But I am more long-term oriented on my thinking and this would indicate Ni use.


There are other methods of typing, so let me get into it:



I am for sure an Alpha, learning a bunch of useless stuff for the sake of it is a alpha thing, I like discussing theoretical and not practical at all concepts for joy, that is one of the reasons I read philosophy and economy on my free time, not because I am going to be a philosopher or an economist, but because I enjoy it, also the philosophers I like the most are Descartes and Kant and if I got it right, alphas like things that makes sense.

Other than that, I would consider most of the people I talk to and enjoy talking to as alphas, I will explain that later.

Also, on values, I am clearly democratic, I defend the free market in a general way but the actual free market, without corporatism which is the biggest problem related to it, won’t go deeper at least now.

Other than that, beta really not, delta? Nope, gamma? I mentioned I am more long-term oriented after all, but then I do not enjoy talking about useful things unless it is important.



I consider myself a IxxJ, with some ExxJ traits, I am in a general way really calm, I can get angry over minimal things sometimes but maybe it is aspergers which I am unsure if I actually do have or not and I am going to an actual psychiatrist in a very close future, but even then it is not something that changes my thinking or makes me impulsive and it does not last long.

ExxJ could be a thing, if I am deep into something I am kinda restless, I have a lot of problems with sleeping and a thing I saw is that ExxJs fidget while IxxJs don’t, in my case it really depends, but I would say more of a yes than a no, but I’m not sure how accurate this is, as I am also not sure about how accurate the movement thing is, as I would fit more of an IxxJ style of movement than a ExxJ.



There are three test results that consider these, or two, actually I don’t remember but am not going to look, that have results for dichotomies, but I do not consider it that accurate.

I consider myself more introverted than extroverted, mostly in real life, unsure if I have social anxiety or something, more intuitive than sensing of course, but not extremely, logical for fucking sure, irrational and rational are an interesting thing, I am not really sure where I fit the best but would consider slighty more rational, constructivist slightly, negativist and positivist neutral, democratic for sure, merry and serious balanced, asking way more, slightly more strategic, obstinate also, result and process neutral, static considerably high amount.

Anyway I found this random Russian test that uses dichotomies so I decided I would take it considering what I would put for me to see where I end up.

Also fits with INTj LII.




3 : What if I am completely biased for being INTj LII-Ti?


Well, I did consider this possibility, and maybe I still am or something, but here is what I decided I would do: ask people that know me well information related to that.

And by people that know me well, I considered both from real life, internet, people that are close or not that close to me, etc.

I ended up doing it with 10 people, I took a definition of functions from on the page Information Elements that has a small description of them, changed them from Ti Ne Fi Se to 1 2 3 4 so there would be no bias because maybe someone saw me mentioning Jungian functions at a specific moment, even though I think one person was biased.


So, who are the people? I will not give names because I do not know if they would like it, or even allow it and I did not ask them.

H: Ixtp ISTP SLI-Si 9w8 973 sx/sp - 7 m

Z: eNtP INTP ILE-Ne 9w1 954 sp/so - 6 y

T: ISTJ ISTJ SLI-Si 9w1 935 sp/so - 6 y

A: INFP INFP SLI-Si 4w3 495 sp/sx 6 m

D: InxJ ISFJ LII-Ti 9w1 952 sp/so - 1 y

D2: INFx SEI-Si 9w1 964 sp/sx - 6 m

Z2: ENtP LSE-Si 7w8 729 so/sx - 5 m

J: INTP INTP ILE-Ti 5w4 592 sp/sx - 7 m - biased

K: iSfj ISFJ SEI-Si 9w1 962 sp/so - 6 y

G: INtp ISTJ ILI-Te 5w4 549 sp/so - 5 m

I would say it matters because not only the conversation topics and style changes between the people I talk to, but also how they view me.

So the categorization means, I being >50% for I, I being 1 to 50%, same for N, T and J, then their sociotype and I like to make it specific, then the enneagram, the tritype according to this websites format and then the variant, followed by the amount of time I’ve known them, m being months and y being years.

I think J who is someone I mentioned Jung to a lot, just followed more of his definitions and my test results and what I consider myself as from a Jungian view in, which is INTJ, I will still consider his opinion though.


So what were their votes?

H:   Te > Ti > Se > Ne > Ni > Fi > Si > Fe (7>1>4>2>8>3>6>5) - ExxJ

Z:    Te > Se > Ni > Ne > Ti > Fi > Si > Fe (7>4>8>2>1>3>6>5) - ExxJ

T:    Ti > Te > Se > Ni > Ne > Si > Fe > Fi (1>7>4>8>2>6>5>3) - IxxJ

A:    Ti > Ne > Se > Te > Fe > Ni > Si > Fi (1>2>4>7>5>8>6>3) - ExxJ

D:    Ti > Te > Ni > Se > Si > Ne > Fi > Fe (1>7>8>4>6>2>3>5) - IxxJ

D2:  Ti > Te > Se > Ni > Ne > Fi > Fe > Si (1>7>4>8>2>3>5>6) - ExxJ

Z2:   Te > Ti > Se > Ne > Ni > Si > Fi > Fe (7>1>4>2>8>6>3>5) - IxxJ

J:      Ni > Te > Se > Ne > Ti > Si > Fi > Fe (8>7>4>2>1>6>3>5) - ExxJ - biased

K:     Ti > Se > Fi > Te > Ne > Ni > Fe > Si (1>4>3>7>2>8>5>6) - ExxJ

G:    Ti > Se > Ni > Ne > Te > Si > Fe > Fi (1>4>8>2>7>6>5>3) – ExxJ


1: Ti(6) Te(3) Ni(1)

2: Ti(2) Te(4) Ne(1) Se(3)

3: Se(6) Ni(3) Fi(1)

4: Te(2) Ni(5) Ne(2) Se(1)

5: Ti(2) Te(1) Ni(2) Ne(3) Si(1) Fe(1)

6: Ni(2) Ne(1) Si(4) Fi(3)

7: Si(3) Fi(3) Fe(4)

8: Si(2) Fi(3) Fe(5)


The most basic form of interpreting that results would be that I am a LSI, which is interesting, I will go back to it later.


If we formulate the data in another way, as 1 = x 8 and 8 = x 1:

Ti: 48 + 14 + 8 = 70

Te: 24 + 28 + 10 + 4 = 66

Ni: 8 + 18 + 25 + 8 + 6 = 65

Ne: 7 + 25 + 12 + 3 = 47

Si: 4 + 12 + 6 + 4 = 26

Se: 21 + 36 + 5 = 62

Fi: 6 + 9 + 6 + 3 = 24

Fe: 4 + 8 + 5 = 17

Which makes it so:


I think I should’ve made it so the 5th 6th 7th 8th functions in peoples list should give negative score until *-4 but I will make so it goes like that after I talk about the current results.


And well, interesting, Ti dom? Unsure, Te Ni are both really high and close and that would be LIE and if I got things right this I am doing exactly right now is Te use not Ti even though I think I did Ti use earlier in this analysis, I’d say Ne was really low for LII.

So I think LIE, LII and LSI are choices? I personally would not put LSI into it but I did consider it for the part after the next part.


Considering how Model A goes, unsure, Fi and Si higher than Fe, Si would be the POLR for LIE if I am right and I would say that is not true, I mean I do care about minor details many times, and well sometimes I do not care about my surroundings or comfort, but in a general way I do, and I care and am worse with Fe or Fi way more, but then, the POLR for LII is Se which was something I got a quite high value in, and well I do end up being a leader in many situations, I am bad at making people want me to be one and achieving that but I am not bad at being a leader itself, but a thing I’ve seen is that because of this, LIIs work alone, and most of the time I prefer to work alone, and why the fuck does the Brazilian schooling system want people to fucking work in groups fuck you Brazilian schooling system ok?


But now, here is the thing, maybe I am completely wrong with everything I wrote so far, and this is why I am going to make it public unlike past analysis I made on other systems, because someone that maybe reads this can just refute the hell out of me, and keep in mind I do not really care if you act like an asshole or like the most friendly person when showing me that I am wrong, actually I love you for showing I am wrong, you can boost your ego and be an asshole if you want to, not like me saying “please don’t hurt me!” is going to make a difference but keep in mind I don’t care because I see there are some people in this website that enjoy it when people care.

Also same thing related to the data and in a general way everything, if I am not capable of looking into a fucking picture and seeing that IEI is higher than EII before making a comment who knows if this won’t happen here.


Anyway, here with it going from x4 to x-4


Ti: 24 + 6 - 2 = 28

Te: 12 + 12 + 2 – 1 = 25

Ni: 4 + 3 + 6 + 5 – 2 – 4 = 12

Ne: 3 + 6 + 2 – 3 – 2 = 6

Si: -1 – 8 – 12 – 8 = -29

Se: 9 + 12 + 1 = 22

Fi: 2 – 1 – 6 – 9 – 12 = -26

Fe: -1 – 12 – 20 = -33


The results would be:


Compared to the previous:



So what changes is that Se gets a higher positions when compared to Ni and Fi gets a higher position when compared to Si.



Well, not much achieved other than the fact that, I myself consider myself LII, people I know consider myself either LIE or LSI, so I decided I would do a thing I’ve seen many people do here that is using the description of type behavior by Gulenko and most importantly by V. Megend and A. Ovcharov, and I did, I did not send it to everyone.


So I ended up picking 5 people out of that 10 list, these were H, Z, Z2, J, T.

I sent the descriptions by both to H, Z and J, while only the one by V. Megend and A. Ovcharov to Z2 and T, but in a general way people focused more on the descriptions by them as they have more information.

I sent to all of them the ones for LSI-Ti, LSI-Se, SLE-Ti, SLE-Se, LII-Ti, LII-Ne, ILE-Ti, ILE-Ne, LIE-Te and LIE-Ni.

Some put them in order like with the functions, others just gave ratings, I will consider it as in order as the functions using the ratings to order it.


H: ILE-Ti=LII-Ne>LIE-Te>LII-Ti>ILE-Ne>LIE-Ni>didn’t rate others as they were too different

Z: LII-Ne>ILE-Ti>LII-Ti>ILE-Ne>LIE-Ni>LIE-Te>LSI-Ti>didn’t give ratings for others

Z2: LIE-Te=LII-Ti>SLE-Te>LSI-Ti>for all others as 0

J: LII-Ti>ILE-Ti>LII-Ne>LIE-Te>didn’t mention others as he said they were too different



I also decided to ask my parents, my dad who is a enfP INFP SLI-Si 9w1 926 sp/sx and my mom who is a ESFJ ESFJ SEE-Fi 6w7 621.

Both didn’t want to order the functions, mom said IxxJ and dad ExxJ, comparing using the descriptions by V. Megend and A. Ovcharov, dad said LII-Ti, mom ILE-Ti.

Keep in mind I had to translate them to Portuguese for some people, my parents included.


And well, I would say ILE-Ti was the one most chosen, which is interesting because I never tested for ILE other than once in that weird test I posted here that GalaxyStrider sent to me when I was on his Discord.


Anyway, still, I decided I’d just send descriptions for functions in each specific… slot? Is that the word? Well, only Z, Z2, H and J said yes, and all of them said LII was the most accurate other than Te and Ni which were LIE.


Anyway, all of this just made me even more confused on my type, but I imagined it would happen, also I did send all of these people questions about what quadra I would fit, all said alpha.


So, with all of this, I am not completely sure about my type and if I have wrong knowledge on socionics, but I would say I am LII-Ti, and people who are reading this, if someone at all because there are not many people in the website and this was a lot of text, at the current moment, 3803 words, I could’ve made it shorter but I wanted to give all specific data as well as some of my behavior so it is easier for others to type me based on this, also please, explain your vote, and keep in mind it is not about what the website says I am yet because I want to know what I am, and I don’t think it is socionics being a bad system yet very likely me being stupid in correlation with it. Also I imagine that going around asking people their opinions about me and trying to understand it is a very Te thing but consider I tried understanding it myself first etc.


TL;DR: What’s the sociotype of a person that would write a fucking almost 4k word long comment on a underground MBTI/Jung/Enneagram/Socionics website because that person cannot fucking achieve a conclusion of which classification said person fits in?

5518 ResoluteSoul 8877d2e4 on 2019/03/04 (Monday) 21:27:11

I do want to clarify that I do not vote cp because it fits my natural preference to do so, but instead because I have voted on many influential figures that are long passed from our current world, and in their short time in this world, they were able to overcome their internalized angst and fears. That being said, my vote for cp5w6 was because you initially presented yourself as a levelheaded, analytical figure but recently you have demonstrated your immense anxiety over what is superfluous and rather unimportant in the broad range of things. One cannot allow themself to be cornered by labels and caricatures. 

5520 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/04 (Monday) 21:53:56

So here is the thing, why is what I consider important less important than what you consider your important? what if I find the votes on my profile on a underground website actually important? it is not about that tho, it is just me not knowing where I fit in socionics and I made that public because maybe, maybe someone would read that and give me some help and I do the same kind of "analysis" for a lot of stuff, and I do have some anxiety over really minimal things which is something I find interesting, and that makes me lose a ton of opportunities, but anyway, this is not one of these things, I am just curious towards what I am in socionics, maybe the system is wrong but lets go to people that trust it and have more experience with it than me.

But why cannot one want to be labeled? some people enjoy that, what is the problem? just because you don't think it is healthy for them? what if health is not what said person values? etc.

Also there is another problem, what is broad? lets say I know 3 things, you know 30, if one of these things applies to the other two for me while for you it is a completely separate one, wouldn't that thing be really important for me? not like it is but your "argument" is not really valid.

Also one can be a levelheaded and analytical figure over things that are unimportant and superfluos on your view, can't them? like I am an atheist and a lot of people think about god and achieve some conclusions, in my point of view it is all useless but I understand that for them it can be important, I think you got what I am trying to say.

But then subjectivity also falls into a problem which is, what if one simply decides reason is not the right thing and etc it is pretty obvious past this point.

This might be getting to r/im14andthisisdeep with a mix of r/iamverysmart so I guess I will end it here but ok so considering you very likely did read at least a little bit of that, considering everything, what do you think? LII? LIE? ILE? LSI? 

Also just a small observation, so I like listening to classical music, and well, symphonies are long and sometimes I do not just want to sit for an hour listening to them, mostly if it is one I have listened to before, so I do something relatively simple while listening to one for the sake of it, and that comment was one of these, as some "typing" sessions I do on the website because I do enjoy the activity, etc, is that unimportant from your point of view?

5563 kawaii f3e8b295 on 2019/03/12 (Tuesday) 13:25:16

so you give yourself 0.5 introversion with a 50% result on 16 personalities but doubt my introversion although I scored 76% on it?

5564 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/12 (Tuesday) 14:08:43

I love the 500 user limit.

So I wrote a lot more text but now it is all gone and I didn't save it but anyway I got 34.3e vs 75i, 19.8e 89i, and a fucking 2e and 32i on sakinorva tests I posted.


Also isn't the fact I get literally all votes I do based on my personal experience socially being wrong indicate that I suck socially or don't know much people or know the wrong ones or just am unlucky or am actually right a signal that I am more introverted? this is the worst argument I've made in my entire life.


But I went to look for older 16personalities test I took, I mean uuuh I did all of them in the time the website was offline because I am an introvert and what you say matters to me.

So I use discord as like a database even though they steal my information but does not matter for this kind of stuff, and older than 3-4 months was in a older server that I deleted for some reason but anyway here are some older test results, or I could be faking them right now in the period the website was off and I mean I could inspect element the text via the browser discord for the date thing but meh.

Link in the screenshot, from results, so lightshot works like it stores it and you can see the date of a image in the link.

They are on m as the main letter now, so I guess it is a proof it is at least a little bit old, it can be further but I jsut changed the l to m.


Well I saw your ENTJ IDR vote before the website went out, and sakinorva really enjoys giving it to me, I also got INTP like twice but I cannot find the results but really back then I got like one INTJ result I also cannot find!

Even then this is tests I can be biased it is all pretty old people change I guess etc etc

I literally have two friends and am going to die alone as a virgin and the saddest part is that I have no problems with that etc my mom thinks I'm the most introverted person ever but then she is a ESFJ 2w3 and fun fact, I literally have never been to party and I don't like initiating on people at all actually I hate it but ok.


Now a what I imagined would be a bunch of sakinorva function test results that are supposed to be old or something that give ENTJ!


Also unsure if strawberry crisis changed a few of the questions since then but ok.


I don't see myself as an extrovert but then it is just a vote and your opinion.

5565 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/12 (Tuesday) 15:18:27

I just realized I posted the same test twice.

5650 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/21 (Thursday) 15:34:56

5w4, so/sp(if I understood the results right, sp=so so in theory it took the results out of other variants and things like the -12 on type 2 sp might have been the deciding criteria)

I still identify with 6 more than 4 but I think like the fact I compose and am interested in art in a general way affected the results in the art oriented questions a lot even though I like things I assume 5w6s in history have liked in art such as counterpoint in music, but I MEAN I AM A 6W5 BIOOMER SAYS SOMETHING IT MEANS ITS TRUE OK?

or maybe just cp things? 

I mean it is indeed a test so there can be bias, me just not knowing who I actually am or something, etc.

The 10 points for 8 on social are interesting though.

5653 bioomer2 066c00e6 on 2019/03/22 (Friday) 00:15:13

Focus on the motives and fears. The tests are famous for mistyping 6s. 

5654 bioomer2 066c00e6 on 2019/03/22 (Friday) 00:19:46

Type 6 seeks security, guidance and support (super ego-pull). If you are counterphobic then think if you are naturally complliant based on seeking security, guidance or support or withdrawn based on the fear of needing others or depletion. 

5655 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/22 (Friday) 12:11:38

I am not a 6, I just happen to be more 6 than 4 in practice, I mean uh behaviour does not exist, ok? but back into it, mostly if we consider the fears, I want some security but I guess that is normal for most humans, I don't give two fucks about guidance and support, and the coolest part is that, in the long analysis of my socionics type I made, I mention this:

It just happens that I am more 6, on the security part and the paranoia thing, than 4, because I really don't care about my identity and I would like to be unique but not for the reasons a 4 would, it is more like people will remember who I am and I mean supply and demand, if I am different and maybe this different is a positive different I could use that for like useful things in my life or something? like in a job interview or something, being different from others but in a positive way for a useful reason.

Also can you please stop repeating the same thing always? I am pretty sure I am a 5w6, with a tritype of 513, not perfectly because who knows, what I am unsure about is my socionics type, and by the way I really cannot see you being LIE, the way you act with the enneagram which is the thing you use the most is more socio Ti than Te even and the fact you keep or at least kept creating alts could be considered more of a Se thing, but it is mostly lack of socio Ni.

But I still think you're an troll or just an alt so meh, and I love how hypocritical you are sometimes.

>Don't use behaviour.


5656 bioomer2 066c00e6 on 2019/03/22 (Friday) 14:56:26

Your actions make your motives clear. You keep seeking guidance from the tests like most 6s do and you have proven many times to be reactive and super ego-influenced. 5w6s can be paranoid but i'm not basing this purely on paranoia.


I'm only a troll because i'm not saying you're a 5 like you want. Judging by your opinion on enneagram 6 intuitives, i'm not surprised that there is hestitation to identify as such. 

5657 bioomer2 066c00e6 on 2019/03/22 (Friday) 15:18:41

I never said you're all 6s just you and Strawberry Crisis. 

5658 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/22 (Friday) 15:31:59

Well, now here you are just assuming stuff, god I love how much you assume.

First of all, it LOOKS LIKE I take influence from tests because THAT IS WHAT I POST HERE, if I truly followed tests I wouldn't give myself a 0.25 J vote yet something higher but I am not the biggest J on letters, but that is just an example, if I followed tests I wouldn't be considering LII so much for sociotype yet ILE and instead of LIE maybe even ILI because of the test results I've posted, but I did go trough and read about the types and LII fits, using J characteristics I am slighty more J than P if not neutral and 5w6 is over 6w5.

As you said I look like an admin, you look like some really close minded individual, after the "discussion" if even that we had into that post about indigo child I think I really do not think I should take you seriously but for some reason I enjoy replying to people in any case, and you're also blindly assuming my opinion on enneagram 6 intuitives, I in the past probably mistyped some people I find really, what would be the world, badass? such as Spinoza as 6s, well now I see I was wrong, and it is not bias agaisn't 6 or something.

BUT EVEN THEN, even if it is, I always verify what I do, and as 6 as it may sound it is mostly assuming I have bias so I talk to people and indirectly or even directly ask their opinions on me and behaviour to check how well it fits, and I won't lie, 5 is way over 6, and I do use the core fears and the motives more in that kind of thing, as I also did for socionics functions on the big analysis I made you just ignored because you know I blindly follow tests right? another proof you're not serious yet just trolling.

And the only two people I've seen you type as people from the community were me and strawberry crisis, both cases for 6 and both cases it looks like just to make us angry or something but not sure if you realized, it does not work, I find it even funny sometimes.

But you're going to ignore the part that goes agaisn't your beliefs as you always do and try to throw some terrible arguments for 6 because that is all you can do, and why I think you're a troll, but for real, I'm such a 6, I am in favor of ideas such as libertarianism because you know, I want the state to protect me and some politicians to trust because I am a 6!

5659 bioomer2 066c00e6 on 2019/03/22 (Friday) 15:42:54

Look, I never said anyone was a 6 to get on their nerves. I see all the types on the same level. It is you that seems to that being an intuitive and a 6 somehow makes them less intuitive. If you focus on the motives and fears then why do you proceed to take a lot of stock into what result you get? Practice what you claim you do. 

5660 bioomer2 066c00e6 on 2019/03/22 (Friday) 15:44:33

I assume, says the person that keeps accusing me of being an alt and making random polls. Projection and scapegoating are classic 6 baiting. 

5661 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/22 (Friday) 15:54:03

Yes, all 6s are bad and I don't want to be a 6 intuitive, okay? they are all dumb and gay and such! oh god! why did thy make sixes a thing! such a terrible bane!


I am indeed projecting and scapegoating! oh noes! a dude appears out of nowhere in an underground website and starts to act in really similar way to multiple individuals that have been here! and knowing that people did have osme paranoia over me when I joined here I clearly wouldn't expect what they imagine could happen to actually happen! and clearly, you do not have alts and would never make one, as clearly you did not like your own comments, which is actually a plain sad thing from my point of view, and I did not ask strawberry crisis about poll creation being made by you but I find it very interesting that, some crappy polls used to be made when you were active.


This is going nowhere, ok you win I am a 6 ok? arguments and logic? pff, ignore all that, the fact that a fear and a motive can maybe create really common behaviour for an individual and people with similar fears and motives can... have similar behaviour? and the fact we can correlate it to things such as the MBTI, socionics, Jungian functions, Big5 and actually... see that if someone is an SLE it is very likely that person is an 8 because it just makes sense for these two to go together, but not using it as the main argument yet for the basic hint for what to look for.


Now keep ignoring the vast majority of what I write and focus on specific things because that is what you're trying to achieve, but remember, I am 6, ok? I give up! I won't change my vote because uuuh let me think for a bad reason I mean uuuuh I like the number 5 ok?

5662 bioomer2 066c00e6 on 2019/03/22 (Friday) 15:54:18

The people that voted 5w6 for you are making an assumpation as well because we aren't in your head. I'm only going based on what your motives seem to behind your behaviour not the behaviour itself. 

5663 bioomer2 066c00e6 on 2019/03/22 (Friday) 15:59:07

What is your obsession with diverting the attention away from your typing? You keep bringing up the alts that I made ages ago which are no longer relevant. This is another prime example of your super-ego pull. What is sad is your constant avoidance of being a type 6 because of untrue assumptions on their abilities. An actual 5w6 wouldn't insinuate that security is the norm because they are avoidant at heart. Security may be the norm for most 6s and 9s but not the other types.

5664 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/22 (Friday) 16:00:16

No no I am a 6w5 you win ok? do you have a patreon? I want to pay you for such useful services! god, I mean I am an atheist but if you create an religion I am in because as a 6 I need someone to follow because I fear that or something! protect me my lord!

5665 bioomer2 066c00e6 on 2019/03/22 (Friday) 16:05:12

Another example of your misunderstanding on the type 6. You don't have to look to an authority for security, guidance or support that only applies to the SJ and ESFP 6s. 

5666 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/22 (Friday) 16:40:40


Even then, according to your own words:

>Type 6 seeks security, guidance and support

>State is security, guidance and support

I truly cannot take you seriously anymore

5667 bioomer2 066c00e6 on 2019/03/22 (Friday) 17:11:59

You can get all of those things from things that aren't even people like books or tests. This is why you should stop narrowing it down to authority figures when it could mean anything that the 6 finds to be as a form of security, guidance or support.

5668 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/22 (Friday) 17:20:29

Yes I love the tests I mean don't you see how accurate aimtoknow is? I love tests, do you love indie rock??? tests are amazing.

The only thing more amazing than tests are intellectual figures I can suck the dick of, like OH MY GOD someone smart said something so it must be right! I love authority and following what others say, you know? I mean the state is so outdated, I think like Bakunin is way cooler, he has way more style, he also seems smarter than most statists.

But there is one thing I prefer over all of that, religion, oh yes, eternal hope and safety, since I am a 6 and actually I lied, I am also ESFJ and my tritype(I'm mentioning it because you don't like it) is 279, since you don't believe in it you cannot type me as 6 on it but like if strawberry crisis is a 6 then I must be a 6, but back to religion, I am really religious, like, uh, yeah, love it.


Now my bloomer god, since the mistery has been solved and I am indeed the ultimate 6w5, and I mentioned tritype, you should act like you did in the past, ok?

5702 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/25 (Monday) 15:28:28


by the way fix the russian themed sakinorva page and use it it is indeed amazing

5703 Teru Mikami 70588bc3 on 2019/03/25 (Monday) 15:35:57

why was my n-word comment removed, this is literally censorship!!!!!

5705 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/25 (Monday) 15:40:13

So just a small thing people may not know but when one googles for a website, how complex the website is and its content is a great deal, like a website that uses <h1> instead of custom fonts will be put lower in the search, as a website that has images detected as gore by some visual indentification via machine learning thing Google does and words like nigger, rape, etc.


But I actually don't think many people get here by googling it, and even then it is the 4th result for "jung function test" and no way sakinorva is getting more popular than IDRlabs, typologycentral and similarminds so there should be no problem.


But that is literally censorship we must start a revolution agaisn't abusive admins.

Also I love how my n word votes for you weren't.

5712 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/26 (Tuesday) 16:23:34

So let's check how competent strawberry crisis is at not letting people break comments.

5713 Jacobus 900d2bea on 2019/03/26 (Tuesday) 16:27:47

Can you please stop doing that you dumb fuck

5714 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/26 (Tuesday) 17:45:39

>dumb fuck

>finds flaws in the website which you very likely can't and wouldn't be able to find if you had the knowledge

>the dude who said that to me is Jacobus

>Dostoevski as IEI, Wittgenstein as LSI, Rei as INFJ(IDR), Asuka as 2w3, Jesus as EIE, Schoenberg as INFJ and 4w5.

>tfw half of his votes are INFJ 4w5 EIE

>dumb fuck

5719 Teru Mikami 70588bc3 on 2019/03/27 (Wednesday) 08:27:18

yo didnt someone do the exact same thing on mbtibase haha thats crazy man

5729 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/27 (Wednesday) 21:57:19

So I just want to add a thing to one of the tests I've done and posted here, the rowe, and it is pretty simple, I will start putting images in spoilers to prevent it looking extremely big on the front page.Old result and then the new result

 Old result and then the new result

I took the test again because I think the specific questions that were randomized for me were really making it so the specific 4 and the specific 6 questions were ones that are accurate for me, and I was indeed right.

When I took the first test, most of the 4 questions were related to art and similar concepts, many being correlated to artistic skill or just being interested in that, while the ones for 6 were about following authority figures, ideologies and common sense.

The second one was more balanced, having some questions I remember seeing in the first but some correlated with wanting to different, special or having a identity for 4 and safety, routine and paranoia for 6, which are the things that fit me the most, of course I've shown much more 6 behaviour and well bloomer even thinks I am a 6 so I guess that could be proof that the test is not accurate which is to expected but for such a long test that is supposed to be great there were flaws which is how the questions are selected, also I remember in the first test I got the same question twice, I already talked to strawberry crisis about this.

A problem with the second test is pretty obvious, sx/so/sp while all my results are sp/so/sx other than 5, 7 and 8, also the higher score on 8 was interesting, as the -9 points for 5.

In the second one maybe I could be biased towards voting more for 6 questions but these were the ones I did think the most about when taking it so that would not happen also trying to think about past actions that are related.

hey strawberry crisis the spoiler function does not work!

5736 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/29 (Friday) 06:41:30

I'm greatly offended with your ISTJ cp6w5 dude who clearly is not a alt trolling! god I love my 6 core fears, motives and behaviour and my very high use of whatever your Si means!

but you know, giving a reaction to a troll is clearly not what he wants!

5737 Teru Mikami 70588bc3 on 2019/03/29 (Friday) 12:51:16



alright so now joseph is being persecuted by the government, can i ask who Reddit is

5738 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/29 (Friday) 18:07:41

hey Reddit dude so I think you should vote ESI or LSI for my sociotype even though you do not know socionics, like it has the same effect as voting ISTJ and cp6w5, ok? also don't forget about the tritype, a wonderful 269 for it to be really accurate, or 7 if you're bloomer but then read the comment I made earlier, would make sense for the ISTJ IDR vote because I voted ESTJ for bloomer but then he is like the ultimate Ni user or something ain't I right? by the way this is typical paranoid 6 behaviour okay? let's ignore everything else and focus on that because you're like the master of all typology who has a IQ of f(n) = 1/√5 {[(1+√5)/2]^n - [(1-√5)/2]^n}

5739 fg 3d4044d6 on 2019/03/29 (Friday) 18:10:39

when i see your page. i want to ask a question? why do competent people are not respected on this site?

5742 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/29 (Friday) 22:27:50

I think the fact some people think I'm josepthy1, other just dislike me for some reason such as I not accepting being a type I am not and then they think that that method of acting is proof for what they are saying ignoring the fact that maybe they might not have all the information, and the people that would take this serious are from the discord but they actually want to see how I act before voting here and some are even inactive here, but in a general way it is pretty simple, the magic world of trolls and people who care and thus can be "competent", I mean this is quite like a forum after all.

That is if you're directing it to me instead of someone else on this amazing page but then I have no idea of who that could be.

But the josepthy1 thing makes some sense, random dude appears out of nowhere and finds many flaws on the website, with some typology knowledge, I would think that could be a possibility considering how few new people enter this website, I am not him and I think anyone that has talked to me on discord would agree but then I don't even know how his behaviour was so...


But let me also make a question, how are you deducing your 0.75T vote for me? so the method that I use is that a 1T vote means 8 out of 8 actions are done by thinking, that a 0.25T is 5 by thinking, a 0.25F is 3 by thinking, then when there are many actions I just round it, just to be sure I will mention that I did not get angry at all on any of this and most of it was just me ridicularizing things, just curious to know your line of thinking in achieving it because I cannot and thus am curious, maybe it can be just that I might have acted out of feelings or something similar and do not remember or just did not realize that I did.

5745 Reddit b632c55a on 2019/03/30 (Saturday) 06:32:52

Bro, this the biggest lie you dun ever wrote. Just stop it and spare the poor souls who are tired of witnessing your lies and paranoia on the homepage. Please...for their sake. 

5746 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/30 (Saturday) 07:03:04

Reddit dude you forgot the XSI vote because Ne polr paranoia