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5684 tman 448d3329 on 2019/03/24 (Sunday) 22:57:08

The reason I chose ISTP over INTP is this, Blind (aka "Trickester) Ne. Logic dosn't deal in posbilties. It deals in yes/no. True/False. There is no inbetween.

5690 fg 3d4044d6 on 2019/03/25 (Monday) 04:19:38

sorry tman but you don't understand anything at socionics. stop with the J/P switch now.

5695 Teru Mikami 70588bc3 on 2019/03/25 (Monday) 12:17:21

sticking to predefined principles is not very IP in either system

5696 Teru Mikami 70588bc3 on 2019/03/25 (Monday) 12:19:07

fg my brudda why dont u write an article about why the J/P switch is bs

5697 tman 448d3329 on 2019/03/25 (Monday) 14:53:01

Yeah I'm kind of still learing about socionics. I'm familure enough with it to know I pefer the congitve fuctions modle, allthough I like both.

5711 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/26 (Tuesday) 16:23:16

Unsure if you know but concepts such as quadra come from functions as groupings, Alphas being Ne Ti Fe Si Beta being Ti Se Ni Fe Gamma being Te Ni Se Fi and Delta being Te Si Ne Fi.

And it does make sense, a thing I see you doing a lot is voting LII for characters or people that tend to be considered LSI such as Light Yagami and fg and well I don't know fg really well but I don't really see Se polr in both of them which makes a lot of sense for the dinstinction betwen Alpha and Beta quadra.

5718 Teru Mikami 70588bc3 on 2019/03/27 (Wednesday) 08:20:40

that's a rlly cool theory bro.. wanna go light one up

5724 phsc 51ce0ead on 2019/03/27 (Wednesday) 12:22:27

It does make sense, all quadras are separated in functions that are valued that being 1, 2, 5 and 6.

It makes a lot of sense for like Beta to be Ti, Se and Ni, take a look at famous Betas and the general atitude, you can even deduce things further for like Reinin dichotomies.

5725 Teru Mikami 70588bc3 on 2019/03/27 (Wednesday) 13:43:18

i think everyone's like, entitled to their own opinion man.. like, reality's just what you make of it..