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what is truth?

1 blackhearts 43e5496d on 2019/01/24 (Thursday) 05:39:06

welcome to my written-word podcast, today we're asking the big questions. but first, here's an ad for squarespace. squarespace: build it, beautiful. thanks kyle

2 strawberry crisis inshowha on 2019/01/24 (Thursday) 12:53:29

thanks kyle

3 Nameless f9fc3b21 on 2019/03/26 (Tuesday) 14:33:17

who's kyle?

4 Nameless f9fc3b21 on 2019/03/26 (Tuesday) 14:33:23

who's kyle?

5 kyle c2688e74 on 2019/06/02 (Sunday) 17:29:27

look up USS Liberty