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4 and a half stars

1 michael g fd72aae0 on 2019/05/11 (Saturday) 23:30:16

Look out AVATAR...Seventh Son is coming for the ALL-TIME biggest grossing movie in the USA Box Office...and possibly worldwide too with all the top countries bringing in new High Frame Rate Screens made exclusively for this film...Christopher Nolan claims it to be a far greater technical achievement then anything he has ever put on film..a masterpiece of epic proprtions surely to please a new generation of fans of Fantasy and rank among the greats in motion picture history like LAWRENCE OF ARABIA with the older generations whom will also be very pleased by what there eyes witness during the 2 hour runtime you pray never ends. With jaw dropping presales and ingternet buzz the sequel has already been greenlighted and will feature first time director JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and JEFF BRIDGES will reprise his role giving hi his first bankable franchise so long overdue. Don't miss this one ladies and gentlemen, it must be experienced on the biggest screen possible and if your local theater does not support the massive frame rate go ahead and buy a ticket to one of the countries that have built Palladium Style 5 Screen SUPER PLEXES exclusively for this film with ALL SCREENS showing Seventh Son...even though most are sold out, you my get lucky on ebay or some other ticketing site. With Lego and Disney already purchasing rights to the massive blockbuster, action figures have already begun teasing what's to come in future installments of the wildly successful franchise. James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson have already said they were approached by Executive Producer Steven Spielberg, who's also in charge if casting, for a small supporting role reuniting the two for first time since the Creek. And with John Lovitz already cast and Saoirse Ronan
signing on just this week, the sequel is gearing up to be a star studded affair. Hopefully Mr. Timberlake can handle all those egos, plus he already got some heat for taking Joey Fatone from THE FAMILY FEUD and casting him as the Narrator for the third installment creating a much publicized beef between Steve Harvey and Justin Timberlake that still has a pending lawsuit which may delay the Fourth installment in the lucrative series already penned by Jimmer Fredette slated for Summer 2020. . .the final draft is being handled by Bill Pullmans' writing team. Brad Bird is in early talks to direct...also being rumored is Tatyana Ali who may also star in the 5th installment... being hailed as the FEMALE QUENTIN TARANTINO, Ms. Ali will may finally win over the oscars with her performance in the upcoming Pirates of The Caribbean film, which should catapult her ahead of Mr. Bird for the chair. SEVENTH SON opens tomorrow with SOLD OUT midnight screenings throughout the globe and is rated PG-13. Definitely worth the price of admission, ????