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This is where I answer questions and comments pertaining to the cognitive function test.

I used to originally post these responses on an iris thread, but I'm no longer going to continue doing so because I only ever got engagement from spam bots (I know, really?), and because all of my responses there are old and no longer relevant to the new version of the test. So, why not give it a fresh start?

Comments and their responses can be of any nature. You'll see serious comments, angry comments, and silly comments. My responses are the same way.

Please bear in mind that I can only reliably respond to comments in English. If there are comments in other languages that particularly pique my interest, I will go out of my way to respond to them (in that language) but I don't expect this to be a common phenomenon.

If you don't see your comment here, it's because 1) there are tens of thousands of them to look through 2) your comment is too similar to one I've responded to already 3) I haven't gotten around to it (give it about two, three, six, ten months... if I didn't get to it by then, it's probably worth giving up and sending me an e-mail... and if that goes ignored, that's too bad)

Do you know any way to distinguish INFP from INTP? I'm unsure of which one I am, I get mixed results a lot

Do you want to identify with one or the other? Sometimes a distinction isn't really necessary. There may be people out there who will hint that you're doing something wrong if you aren't able to narrow it down, but they don't do a good job of justifying why that's necessary beyond entertaining their own folly.

The test was long

I know. Painful, isn't it?

Why not grantsword?

I've never heard of a grantsword. What's that, Harold Grant's super secret katana?

Can I use your data in the course papers for data analysis?

Let's figure this out over e-mail.

I've been recently questioning myself wheter I am INTP with Ti-Ne as my 2 dominant functions and INFJ Ni-Ti loop as people call it however I don't really relate that this is a loop. Obviously some people are more introverted and some are more extroverted.

Sure, sure, but don't get too worked up over it. Sit back, relax and read this.

you told left for yes and right for not, this was the opposite

I can never remember if I fixed this. Every time I think do, it comes back to haunt me.

i just don't understand what Myers-Briggs type and Enneagram means

You may be better off not knowing.

my enneagram is 5w8 that's why I put nothing in there

Good, I'm proud of you!

Always caught between INFJ and INFP. The whole prospect is dizzying. Want to figure it out for sure, but also thinking it doesn't really matter...urgh.

You'd be right to think it doesn't matter… otherwise you'd probably have a hard time with that ENFJ result.

What is an enneagram type?

Enneagram *type*? You'd better ask Ichazo.

Some statements are either too technical and/or use difficult terminology that may not be grasped by the average personality test taker. An example of this is/are the statements involving the use of words such as "internal logical framework", "unconscious", etc. While those terms may be understood by those well-versed in the cognitive functions, it is of necessity that the test is structured and created in such a way that it can be relatively understood by the average person.

Your concern is fair, but there are probably better examples than "unconscious." To be frank, I'm not fond of the questions, either, but they're written like this on purpose. If there's a "goal" that this test ever had, it was to reverse engineer how typology hobbyists generally understand "the cognitive functions" and convert that into an actual Myers-Briggs type instead of repeating their hocus-pocus back to them. I did not and still do not expect "the average person" to take this test, but rather hobbyists seeking some sense of affirmation that they are (or aren't) they type they identify with. People less familiar with typology are taking this test because it's being recommended to them by their typology hobbyist friends. Won't they help them out with their experience? I think they will.

i really don’t know how to answer most of these questions, i think “yes” and “no” are not specific enough and some questions are paradoxal

You're absolutely right. That's why you can skip anything you don't like.

Sometimes I got INFP or INTP. I identify with both, but I know in theory I can’t be both

Stick to your guns!

bazı soruları tam olarak anlayamadım

Turkish friends! Get on this!

I have been typed before and found it difficult to remain objective when answering questions. I felt as though I had a specific result in mind and was attempting to get that result at times.

Determining "personality" is all about creating narratives about people, so if it's of any consolation, try thinking of it this way: the original typologists had their own narratives about people, but instead of working to create individual, unique narratives tailored for different people (as we generally do in our heads about the people we're familiar with), their own narratives were instead structured as frameworks that created categories of people based on their personality. To that end, there isn't anything "objective" about the theory behind the questions you're answering, either, since it's still just another person behind them struggling to ground their feet upon objectivity as they drew up these typing frameworks.

Can people change ? If i take this test in 3 years, the result will possible be different?

Of course. You tell me—don't you think it's pretty likely that at least *one* question will be answered a little differently if you took the test again right after you finished?

Thank you for creating such a thorough test. Your effort was greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

[45 degree bow]

Still confused with my type. I've made a lot of tests but everytime I had a different score. However, recently I've been typed INTJ 6w5 for more than 7 times. In the past I also got these results for the MBTI test: INFP, ISTP, INFJ, ENTP, ISTJ and 5, 5w6, 9, 1w9, 9w1 for the enneagram test.

You can add ISFJ to your repertoire now... congratulations!

a lot of these questions pissed me off because a good bit of them can only be applied to certain situations and can’t be applied to ones whole life experiences. the world isn’t black and white and every situation can’t be dealt the same. for example “you are unnerved by uncertainty and the unknown.” can be applied to a variety of things and no one can truly answer this objectively

You're totally right! In fact, if it were me taking the test, I'd skip and answer a lot of questions neutrally for that very reason—the questions are just too vague.

Some of the upper questions were hard to answer with only a scale, I really would've liked to be able to comment as well. Maybe that says something about my personality, too - I like to justify my actions:)

I actually would really like to make a test (of some kind, maybe not even typology-related) that takes open-ended answers. I don't know how I could possibly do that automatically without using artificial intelligence, but it would be pretty cool, wouldn't it?

I feel like I am a thing of every thing, like I urge to define myself to fit in all communities

We are very complicated that way.

be good to me i didn't understand half of the questions

I hope the test was kind to you.

I swear there are duplicate questions.... I'm not the only one right?

There are some questions that are very similar (whether syntactically or conceptually) but there shouldn't be any exact repeats.

I'm not sure MBTI makes much sense because answers to these questions can be very situational

There might be people who will say you're wrong and that it's really the test being a test that makes it so (i.e. MBTI is deeper than the test made it out to be) but I agree with you. Personality typology is too one-dimensional to really be of any use.

Listen to Light Delight

I get a lot of these "listen to… X" comments, but this one is my favorite. Talking Heads? Loona? BTS? No. Bang Dream. You're truly the strongest one of them all.

what the fuck is an enneagram

Read Gurdjieff.

Some of these questions I had honestly noidea what they were trying to ask (mostly with the "logistics-framework" questions); I'm not sure if this is just me not relating at all to this line of thinking or having a natural thought process of mine be described in a super utilitarian way.

There does seem to be a lot of general confusion surrounding the "logical framework" questions (as was noted earlier on this page, too) and I wouldn't exactly attribute it to simply not relating to it. I think the wording is indeed really strange, but people who identify with "introverted thinking" often pounce at this one. Think of it as bait for them... pay no heed.

kinda long but fun, maybe change the font? good job anyways!

Not a fan of Century?

I didn't understand a lot of these questions. Could you make some of them more specific, please?

I wonder how you mean this. I've considered, actually, adding a (?) symbol or something similar to expand on exactly what the question means, but that probably wouldn't bode too well for my "trap people and pull them back into a more coherent theory than what they're trying to get confirmation for" thing. I'll think about it.

this quiz was surprisingly good in the sense that I wouldn't have thought of some of these questions to determine certain traits about a person. very good job

I wouldn't either, really. Type dynamics did offer something new to the table…

The User Interface kinda suck to be honest

Tell me how!

Some of these questions have ridiculous absolutes. Their wording implies that my perception of my emotions and my actions isn't inherent separate from the experience of those emotions and actions.

I agree! It turns me off, too. Some people seem to choose extreme answers for those, anyway. Isn't that interesting? I think it's interesting.

I find it interesting how privilege and consciousness affects these results. I'd have answered a lot of these questions very differently 10 or even 5 years ago. I wonder if there are any ways to reduce this bias, as it is going to be staggeringly high based on one's sense of agency in their life relative to others around them.

There isn't much you can do about it. In fact, I think we shouldn't do anything about it.

I've been looking into the cognitive functions nonstop for months and still can't decide if I'm an INFP or INFJ- even though they have none in common!

It's like that by design. I wouldn't fret over it. Like I recommended to someone else, take a seat and read this.

Here's a tip: some questions use words such as 'often', 'greatly', and 'extremely'. If not considered, this may prompt the taker to mark a stronger answer than intended by the creator, turning the test more inaccurate. Other than that, your personality tests at are just fabulous ;)

It's accounted for, don't worry.

Having specific traits is bullshit. I’m being forced to take this.

You get it!

Your test is very good! But,the theme & colors of this page is not aesthetically fine, you should change it.


This quiz was really easy to understand and the layout is pretty.

Why, thank you.

i just dont want to be. a narcissist, or does me saying this means i do since im seeking external validation to have someone say im not one, i want to be good, i know we can be just as bad but i want only to be good

You're fine!

we need to put a new language like Arabic

I get so many responses in here about adding Arabic. I thought this phenomenon was just limited to my inbox, but it seems like Arabic is in high demand... yet no one wants to translate for me! (cry)

I think it’d be nice if there was both a ‘neutral’ and ‘not applicable’ answer for each line.

Choice three is technically "neutral" for the function types but you can just skip whatever you don't want to answer. There's no penalty.

Turkish translate is incomprehensible

Turkish people!!! Get on it!

i made assumptions in regards to the phrasing of several of the questions.

That's okay. Everyone is.

Some of questions seem to rely on disconnected facts; for instance: I'm rather seen as scatterbrained person, but no one from my surroundings, I suppose, would call me ditzy

That's fair… ordinarily people would interpret something like that as a single concept putting together "scatterbrained" and "ditzy" but I *do* use the word "or" to put them together. That might be ambiguous enough to warrant a change of wording.

I think I might be an esfp rather than an enfp […] interesting that while this global pandemic […] rode my skateboard yesterday [...] are my favorites at the moment […] phone case has cherry blossoms [...] Just check out mine ok :) ? cya [...]

I'm editing a lot of your comment out here because there's a lot of personal(?) information in it that I don't really know if you're comfortable having on this page, but since you asked, my favorite TV show is Amachan. Thank you for your comment! I really enjoyed reading it. (laugh)

Many complicated words that made me unsure of the question at hand. Otherwise seems like a decent test.

This seems to be a common grievance. Which words are complicated?

I can contribute to translation to arabic :D

Please e-mail me!

Can a person have multiple Myers-Briggs types? Or can they change over time?

It's not usually accepted that someone can have "multiple" types but I think it ought to be deconstructed, anyway. If we're working with trait-based approaches personality to narrativize ourselves, I think using the individual letters (in a qualitative fashion) could potentially give you a good idea of who you "are." In that way, you could technically fit multiple types, but it's better to take a step back and recognize your own fluidity before getting lost in the weeds. It probably goes without saying that, yes, the type(s) you relate most to will change over time.

I think thare are truly very few people who don't modify their view of reality based on past experiences; this does not seem like a type-tied thing or MBTI-strict for the matter at all and therefore most likely is to be seen as inaccurately specifying, even if relevant in regards to some cognitive functions (real inability to learn from e.g. past mistakes would signify mental deficiency, since this is basically a long-term "trial and error" approach (which is basic in its nature).

You're right, which is why it accounts for nothing in the actual MBTI scoring (but does add to Si, because people insist this is an Si thing).

I find this quiz doesn’t account for certain things. For example I can apply a big picture perspective when needed and look at details when needed. Also I am perceived as straight to the point by some but passive to others, and I appear genuine to all, but am actually fake to many.

It's sort of accounted for, but also not. By that I mean that it's certainly considered by the test but not in a way I would consider meaningful, as it still will eventually spit out a type for you based on a line of thinking I would characterize with the idea of "being more likely to…" It's supposed to add up, but is it really enough when your own vague evaluation just gets converted into a vague four-letter sequence? I think not.

I kind of dislike that Si is related to traditions and duty, since Si is not about that, it's about subjective impression on something. But this is great, thanks.

Some people agree, some people disagree. That's the gist of why the test is the way it is, where you also have a question that relates Si to subjective impressions (as both Socionics and Jung sort of do).

What do you do with our type? I mean you don't give us a type after knowing our old one, right?

No, that's just for comparison purposes when analyzing the data.

basically i'm an alter so my body is older […]

To think I'd learn so much reading through all your wonderful comments…!

I think the questions about valuing past experiences are repeated over and over again.

I had to squeeze the S out somehow!

"Can easily think of something random to say" > I think it would be better rephrased as "Can easily think of something creative to say" since I think everyone can mumble random stuff that makes no coherence

That's not the worst idea, but I do want to retain that idea of spontaneity in the original phrasing.

is this accurate? Well,forget it. Nothing accurate in this world.

Love that spirit!

i took this a few weeks ago but had completely different answers idk why??? also i don't remember what i got back then so

It happens. We're fluid beings, after all.

the way questions in this test are worded seem to complicate their simplicity but other than that it was a decent quiz, better than 16personalities, that's for sure

"I can't help it! The functions made me do it."

we're all so overwhelmed by our self-hate that we have to make our own concepts of roles to stop hating ourselves, in fact, we're all going insane already

A rather lucid perspective, isn't it? It would be nice to see that line of thought sharpened with optimism…

Reading the question with TTS after clicking it would be great. See `window.speechSynthesis`.

Interesting, I've never seen this suggested before. I'll look into this. Aren't there already accessibility tools like Voiceover that do this already, though?

Questions #24 and #25 could do with evaluation on the translation.

Hm... this reminds me that it might be worth recording what language people took the test in.
Also, question numbers are random—I'm not sure what you're talking about here!



Good luck with the data collection and may I say thank you for putting such thought and care into the numerical side of this whole thing. You'r a wonderful person. : )

Many, many people have written thoughtful comments for me—I really wish I could respond to the many thousands of you who have written such sweet things about the work I've put into the test. I'm choosing yours because I am touched that someone considered what work I'm actually doing on the other side of this test as the testmaker. It was painstaking work, and it truly makes me happy that it has been of great service to so many of you. Thank you very much!

Where can I take a good enneagram test?

I made one recently I'm rather fond of here. There's also the Hurley-Dobson test, which I think goes a little unappreciated (even though my own part in that test was simply putting the Hurley & Dobson criteria into test form) and the scary, infamous Rowe test, which interprets 300 of 840 Rowe criteria to deliver a decent array of types. I wouldn't recommend that last one unless you're really bored and want to kill two hours. I won't mention any non-Sakinorva Enneagram tests because… I don't really like them very much.

this test is so long and i lost attention halfway through and also i started doing this thing where i tried to skew with the wording of each question so any answer i’ll put could Technically Be True so yeah idk bout that yknow

My, my. The test didn't account for that.

the butterfly background hurts my eyes

Some people say it's pretty and some say it's terrible, but I say it's con-tro-ver-sial.

I attempted to not allow my neuro divergence to modify my answers (diagnosed autism, ADHD, OCD).

There seem a lot of people who have trouble reconciling their neurodivergence with the test. You might be a little sad to learn that typology never accounted for it. Some people take the test as-is, some compare themselves to an idealized self, and some compare themselves to when they're more "normal." I think people like you have a firsthand look into why typology is ultimately completely bogus—they're abstract systems created by old people who knew little to none about human personality and its complexity yet somehow survive by their theories to this day, so it should really come as no surprise to you that they didn't account for people like you existing. Don't you think it's terrible that you simply don't fit their template? I think it is. Shame on them.

Let’s see the ‘absolute truth’

Absolute truth? My dear, you'll remain begging.

Please stop putting other in the gender category. Nonbinary people exist. They are neither female or male.

Non-binary goes under "other," doesn't it? I hope it's not offensive. I thought "other" worked better as my non-male, non-female umbrella term because there might be people who aren't really sure if they're firmly either binary (male or female) or of a non-binary gender. This is the first complaint I've seen so far (and many non-binary people have detailed their gender in the comments, also choosing the "other" category) but if I come across a few more like this, I'll change it.

you should change the "other" in gender to "non-binary"

This is #2, just noting this here!

love the website design

What's the word, again?

the web designer of this site has done a good job.

It's "controversial."

Getting PhD has shifted my ENFP to ENFJ as well

A Ph.D. will do that to you! (laugh)

girl why is depressive listed along with whiny

People with Ne would understand.

All of these data are not 100% consistents because the human being is always evoluting and we can change opinion as the time passes by (words from my sister who took the test)

Your sister's right, you know.

please add arabic translation

An Arabic translation, you say?

This is some ivory tower astrology bullshit

I'm not sure if it could really be characterized as ivory tower nowadays, but it might have been once upon a time.

#93 uses 'for' twice. Is that grammatically correct?

Oh, lord. I can't believe it. There's an actual grammatical error in the test that has gone unnoticed for three years. Congrats on finding it—you're the first of millions to point it out. I tried to fix it just now, but I accidentally broke the test while doing so. I'll fix it soon.

add arabic sub


كانت الأسئلة ذكية لكن ترجع الأيضا الىىبيئة الإنشان التي يعيش بها .فاختلاف الشعوب يؤثر على الشخصي والمرجع الذيsيؤخذ به بالنسبة للأسئلة أو مصفوفة التحليل المنجزة

هذا تعليق جيد

no except hat i did the whole thing hen It FREAKIGN RESTARTED. I AM ANGRY.

That's the worst!


When was the last time I went from "super excited" to "completely disappointed" this quickly?

add arabic language!

You, too?

Hard to interpret questions like "#87 You always try to communicate tactfully with people" Of course I try to be tactful, however I still may come off as blunt or clumsy cause it's hard for me to express things. Do I pick Agree or Not agree? This goes for all of these kind of tests; should the question be taken literally or should I assume what the question aims to ask?

Believe in the wording. Always trying to be tactful is something you're internally striving to do, but coming off as blunt or clumsy while doing so is how you imagine you're perceived. The question asks for the former.

I am completely reconciled with myself and love what I do and do what I love

A rare "happy" comment. Many of my comments are a little sad to read through. I hope you're all doing okay.

i edit wikipedia to win arguments

Behold, the most powerful commenter.

I deeply studied the functions reading Jung and Von Franz and discussing/producing content for the community for years. I am deeply certain of my type, if this helps. On the test, I've been following the results here in Brazil and, as many others, it seems to be heavily biased towards Ni and Ne.

If you've gone as far as to read Von Franz, you should probably be aware of the unwelcome syncretism floating around today…


给我发邮件 [email protected]



You should really enable a cookie, I had to do this test for the fourth time today XD

Somebody actually *wants* cookies?

The only reason you added so many questions was to tire everyone out right?

[shazai bow]

Despite its recommendations, this test, much like its peers appears to me rather frivolous. Inevitably any such test attempting to categorize all of humanity has the odds set against it, but this particular one is rather disappointing both insofar as many of its questions are subject to interpretation or conflate varying terms, and by placing rather lacking overt emphasis on social relations. Frankly, some of the questions are plainly patronizing, and I struggle to imagine why anybody would disagree with the claim that they can "analyze things in depth" or are an "excellent problem solver" - furthermore, the habitual inclusion of terms such as "incredible" are unnecessarily embellishing of personal qualities. Lastly, I've got to say, the various questions are rather incoherent in the fact they change the observer's perspective - an excellent idea in my humble opinion, but entirely random and misleading in this structure.

The test's coherence is dependent on your engagement with it through a romantic conceptualization of its underlying ideas. You're not wrong, but it seems like you became hung up on something entirely deliberate and thoroughly accounted for, when I think you'd put pointed out the test's core issue best in your second sentence: "Inevitably any such test attempting to categorize all of humanity has the odds set against it."

What is the data analysis about?

Good question. I don't have a concrete idea in mind yet, but I'm mainly looking for extraneous data points or facts that confirm or deny some premises that the calculation methods and values use for certain questions (e.g. question X would be unusual for people in general to disagree with, so it should be significant if someone deviates from that norm [and the test would calculate your results with this in mind])

Why is only 96 questions? Why not an even 100

An even 100 for 8 functions? I don't think so.

honestly i hope u dont sell this information or something idk how that works but i was recommended this so yea.😋 anyways whats my answer ig.............

I won't *personally* sell your information! But who knows what Google is doing with all that analytics data?

Is there any relation between grant function and myers briggs function type?

Not directly. They both use your function values to get your type, but the algorithms are completely different.

:) Do you guys actually read these lmao

Once every… 8 months? 2 months? 1 year? I tried doing it monthly in the past, but that was back in 2018. It's really just "whenever I remember I have all these comments and I feel like responding to them." In other words? Not often.

There are many mistakes in Thai

E-mail me!

What you mean by additional processing?

I don't really know, either. It's something that just gets associated with Se, its origin being the similarminds test (that I don't really hear about anymore? Is it dead?)

hi where can i find your analysis?

There's a partial "analysis" in an iris thread, but it's very rudimentary. I haven't explicitly interpreted it, yet. Not to mention how old that data is now, too…

mbti types are very fun and interesting, but don't forget it's most likely pseudoscience 😜

Don't you think that's a little generous? (laugh)

what the hell is myers-briggs type? also what the hell is enneagram?

Were you all roped into taking this by a friend?

I felt torn at times between the answers that are true to me as the 50 yr old female I am right now, and the answers 20- 30 yr old I used to be, and at times my inner 9 yr old chimed in as well.

It's a complex layer to ourselves that a test like this just can't truly account for, don't you think? We are the totality of our experiences, and who we are today exists as a consequence of who we "used to be." It's just not possible to tell the test where "I" came from.

Let's be honest. Butterflies are the best.

They are!


I get a lot of "random" comments, but this is my favorite so far.

arabic ver for the test plz

It *had* been a while.



apparently intj 8w7 is rare, and intjs are usually 5w6, is that true?

Yes, I believe that's more or less true. Most supposed INTJ Eights (wing 7 would be especially unusual) are usually better classified as Ones, and many INTJs may be 5w6.

Monkeys don’t have to pay taxes AND can operate a blender

They're living the life, huh?